Team Rebuilding

Our team is going through a restructuring. We need some active players to replace some place holders. Wars and events are a must. Weary currently in Plat but will be in gold 1 when the league changes happen. We want to build up and go back up as soon as possible. The last leader left me with quite a mess and I’m cleaning it up the best I can. We are a great bunch of people , laid back…no game nazis lol if interested you can reach me on LINE at kimmiedoc72. (NightsKings)

You may find more success with what you are trying to achieve if you fill out the blanks so that people have some idea of what exactly you are looking for.

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nevermind, you keep editing…

I agree with Ghostrider. Players need more information. Are you looking for players at certain levels? Are there any team rules players need to be aware of? Players are looking for teams that are a good fit and if the recruiting pitch is too generalized, then they move to the next post.

Good luck in your search. I wish you luck.

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