Team Recommendations

I just started playing and it asks me to join a team. So does anyone have any recommendations for a team for me to join? Thanks!

That depends on your level of activity and how you want to play the game. Teams unlock the majority of in game content and are a necessity to truly progress in game.

he just started playing. so he’s probably 1 or low 2 digit lv.

Hence why I said a recommendation depends on their activity level and how they want to play…

Well, I just started playing so I really don’t know enough about the game to really say how I want to play? I log in a couple times a day and upgrade a tower and go burn stuff down.

good enough for teams in lower league especially if u can log on more than once everyday. :+1:t2:

My suggestion is to find a team that is willing to help newbies out and teach you about the game. Most of those will have a higher level in leadership and knows a lot. If you join a team that doesn’t help you out, then find another one until you find your fit.

You can ask questions to see if they are willing to teach you. :smiley:

Hope this helps

Look for a good team in diamond league. :slight_smile:

Any team will do for now realistically speaking.

Try Wings2 or SpyrosTavern

Infernalchaos, SilentReign or RavenousWyverns are good starters.

Who’s the no.1 team in War Dragons?

Apply to Dreadnaught, they need new player like you to baby sit till you get to lvl 600 in no time :ok_hand:

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Lol what’s wrong with having a laugh ??:rofl:

This only works if we get a YouTube video of the application process at the end. Complete with mandatory base attacks. :joy_cat: