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Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Gold 3 –elitetaskforce` – level 50+

We are an active friendly team looking for players to join our journey to the top preferred atlas experience but not necessary if you want to join us email me or hit me up on line at Yaba4Daba2Do0 we look forward to hearing from you

How many ya need?

I’m looking for at least 30 players

Changed names tho we are now Kombatdragons and are headed to gold 2 my plan is to create an atlas alliance team I have teams that are willing to ally just need good players with high lvls if possible

I got about 45 players who have been hanging in plat1 since before last roll out, got bumped just before it due to a few missing war, But all mature active adults, and comitted

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45 too many?

We have openings for at least 20 on our gold rank 2 team and lots of space on our atlas team as well.We’re called the IrishBears and the atlas team has some of our players for the bears leveling up.If you’re interested let me know.We could really use the team members

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