Team Reward Scaled Back

Any reason as to why? As if it wasnt already a challenge making sure the team made the final reward during events with the required points for 40 players why did you feel the need to cut it back to 1000?


Whatcha talking about?

Team final reward is now 1000 instead of 1200 an seems its a huge jump in pts for the last rewards as well which could be this event style. But none the less higher pt value an lower reward dbl whammy.

Ah ok I never paid attention to that tier.


It’s gotta be event based, because it’s 1k sigils and nothing else… I feel like the other events had 12k as well as other things

It looks like the sigil rewards for individual prizes were significantly scaled back, too. I believe the 450 prize was previously set at 55k; now that’s 350 and the 450 is at 117k. (I’m not 100% confident of this recollection; can anyone confirm?)

e: Whoops, I was wrong. Savage actually tracks this and reports that individual prizes are unchanged. Sorry for the confusion!

Think you are correct to some point. It was way lower than what it is now they upscaled it alot

Money Money Money

Makes it even less attractive to spend money at boring PvP events.

wow why nerf team achievement rewards?

Does PG now regret motivating teamplay? :expressionless:

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Perhaps because they are also introducing team quests.

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If i remember right last time in a energy event the cap for 40 players to gain the final sigilprize was 30-34k points… Even this was for many teams not able to obtain…

Now its 80k… Please tell us what is the reason for ???
In this event we get less points anyway…

Can someone calculate how much 80k points means ??..

Please someone with responsibilty of that should calculate and whats back…
This increase for this event is ridiculous high compared to a energy event before…

While there is time… change that to a right amount… because this is a insult in our faces… sorry that i had to say it clear… but that isnt a “small” mistake like… “or i couldnt see”
People who do that scales should be know it very well… And just look … “how” much saphir teams get it from how much… how much it takes…

Btw PX Team… it would be great then the employee for events soon have a account, because then maybe we could speak directly what is good or bad to him.
But this increase is a crazy problem for us.

edit: i spoke of the last other energy event , which wasnt gauntlet, probably Tug of war for comparing.
Because at least there and here we use energy, packs, and innerfire… where the beginning in this event is bad for points too… and just the end brings much greater points.

Before you think, in average this event is ok… you should not forgett the fact that Tug of war let you buy every 6 h 100 energy for 10 packs… this only allow daily , which is a fact that is very important.
Please look at your data… i doubt really this is a fair state.
At least i remember how the points raised up back when bonusmeter was introduced in,… and that they didnt decreased with the loose of it… the opposite was the situation because of the mega coin , which spenders more need to use.


IS 80k cuz this event gives a lot more points compared to other pvp events. In essence is probably about the same cost give or take.

The rationale behind increasing seasonal sigil costs while decreasing sigil prizes seems difficult to understand.

Easy: money. If they make it just a bit harder (but not too much harder) to earn prizes, then maybe it will compell some of the F2P or E2P players into opening their wallets so they can finish off the season prizes that they want.

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I don’t know. I know “they’re money-grubbing hoochies” is the popular reason to cite whenever they do anything we don’t like, but does that really explain this? I feel like the way to grow revenue is to increase costs by n while also increasing ability to earn by some number m such that m < n. For no/light spenders, this creates the feeling that “wow, I’m doing better than I have in the past, but the goal’s just out of reach!” Whales just shrug their shoulders and pay the higher price, then get more bushido points with their higher scores.

Putting everything further out of reach seems more likely to make people think, “what’s the point?”

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The final team achievement has been sigils 1.2k and nothing else. I feel like all prizes have been scaled down for event. Wonder why, shouldn’t we need more sigils now that aibrean is no longer half price. I know we have the rider but that’s only page one. I think you are thinking of the second to last prize always having multiple items in it.

I made a thread about exact same thing after running a few searches and not seeing this forum active until mine was closed and pointed here. I was searching team achievements nerfed


Just confirmed not just the sigils were nerfed everything was :slightly_frowning_face:

The individual rewards as well as the points required to achieve them have not changed since the last time this event was run. Well, rubies, tokens, sigils, timers, and gold chests are the same.

Those are the only items I track for events.

As for the team achievements , you may recall that we have seen some fluctuation in this since it was introduced. I did not record this, but maybe some has. I know it has been 1k before. I think it may have even been less one time.

It has been 1.2k (usually with some extra stuff too) for a while. I do not know if it varies with the event or if this is a way to see what the “sweet spot” is for that final prize. I try not to assume the worst, but getting 80% of your team, assuming you have a full team, to that level is very difficult. ETP and FTP cannot save for every event. Just doesn’t work that way. And no matter what one person spends (or 30), there is only so much that can be done.

Part of it is certainly “peer pressure.” I know when you are number 40, and you need just a few hundred more points but you’re totally tapped out… there is pressure, even if only internal, to get over the edge. You wouldn’t have done it for yourself, but maybe you will for the team.

It’s a game–literally, and psychologically. Don’t forget that.

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