Team sangtae1 LFM!

Team sangtae1 in Gold league LFM!

Mainly used languages: Korean / English -We prefer English speaking recruits at the moment. If some of the members are chatting in Korean or in any other languages that you do not speak, don’t be shy and say hello in English. Some of us, if not all, will say hello back to you the moment they see it and start chatting in English. We believe communication is key to winning battles. Hence, the language is, in fact, one of the requirements.

Current members’ time zones: Korean / Pacific / Eastern

Age range: Doesn’t matter if your words are gentle and civil to your teammates. Cusses in TC are not prohibited if those are not targeting your own teammates, but cussing itself is not encouraged. Age of current members range from 30s to 60s with a few exceptions of teenagers who are mature enough to behave.

Level range: We’re mostly looking for newbies or returners that are willing to give this game a longer go again at least 6 or so months/2+ seasons in our team so that we can train them to fit our ways of playing. Hence, your level, no matter how low it is at the moment of recruitment, doesn’t matter while loyalty does.

Rules: Once you join, read the “Rules” subpage in team wiki. If you think you can’t follow them, you can always leave us and join another team. The rules can be overwhelming, but we won’t be enforcing most of them related to event points or atlas activity until we find that you are ready. This may take longer than you think.

Base game elite account: Base game elite is strongly recommended, but not required. But then the 1-year of elite is the best deal except for a few limited-time deals you can ever get out of this game, so it won’t hurt for you to get it. Not to mention this can become a reason for you to stay and try the game for longer.

Atlas elite account: Not required at all. A few of our officers offer a week or a month of it sometimes as a reward to in-team events.

If interested, please send an in-game mail to the officer stated in team description and wait for a reply. Any applications prior to receiving a response of acceptance will be rejected as that’s how we first determine whether the candidates will follow our rules or not.

We get a bit more than 1k egg tokens a day, combining the daily castle bonus from Atlas and the daily base game league bonus. unless you claim timers or troops over egg tokens, that is.

We expect everyone to participate in base game events and in castle defenses, but we won’t be enforcing those too harshly at the moment as we’re looking to recruit and train newbies instead of recruiting people who mostly know what to do already.

The core members of the team are either close/distant/in-law family or their real-life friends, and the rest of the team are newbies, lowbies, or returners who are learning the game or grinding to be on a cycle that allows you not having to spend as much or at all for a mythic dragon per season and mythic gear pieces per atlas season.

We are not taking any part in either side of the mega alliances officially, though most of our friendlies are dread-aligned with a few exceptions, so we have attacked, attack, and will attack any primarchs at our castles regardless of their final destinations and their mega alliances, as a defense strategy for a team without access to any bots that tells you which teams are in which mega alliance unless

  • we have granted temporary permission for them to passby our castles through blockade delay although this does not mean that we will grant passage.
  • we have granted them passage.
  • they’re from Korean teams that we know of or have one or more Koreans that we know of as their member(s).
  • they’re from known friendly teams.
  • they have one or more friends of ours as their member(s).

We can be considered passive when it comes to attacking castles as we do not attack random castles preemptively. If we are seen attacking castles, that means one or more of the members of the team holding targeted castles have attacked us first at our castles. No need to worry about scarce targets as we are in no shortage of them. There’s a long list of teams that have previously attacked us.

We have low enough rank in atlas so it’s comparatively easier to grind for gp even without guard swaps, but we occasionally do so mostly for those who have been participating in castle defenses as a reward of sort.

We are not in favor to merges in general, so please don’t ask for it. And like said above, most of us are related either by blood or law; trying to headhunt will only going to waste your time.

We have never been pirates except when we were just given access to atlas, that is if you define pirates as castleless teams. We also do not intend to become pirates in any near future unless something drastic happens. We are mostly likely going to hand over our castles to our friendly teams temporarily and rain down hell on those who caused us to do so.

Just like many other teams, we, too, have in-game group chats, each for specific purposes, and use a third party app, called KakaoTalk, to communicate outside the game. These will be a mandatory for every member to join.


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Thanks for your interest in the team, but the only way that I know so far to join the team is to follow the instructions. Other than being family or a real life friend to one or more of the core members, that is.

Replying to this thread is definitely not the way as following enlist instructions is the first step for the team managers to filter out those that will not follow the rules.