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Looking for a team that’s fun

LFT – 200. ParnoidAndroid – gold to gold or non atlas plat


Language: English
Time Zone: US EST
Played time: 2 years
Age Range: adults
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon: garnet

About: looking for an active chatty team! It gets boring without the social side. I’m behind on breeding but my base isn’t bad

Why a non-Atlas plat team? How about a relaxed Atlas plat team?

Depends on the requirements. :man_shrugging:t2: It’s more about the group and friendliness for me

Check out EmberzRising, we are a very chatty team, mandatory war participation. We have Atlas have a troop requirement (give time to reach said goal) and we have fun.

Hey ParnoidAndroid,

Check out NewbieNoobs. We do have atlas but we are pretty relaxed if you’d like to give us a go! We have awesome members who are all willing to help out and the chatter is great amongst us!


If interested, you can check out Phlogiston. It’s a Gold 2 team and no atlas. You’re right, teams without chats get boring. We are looking for active and chatty people. My high level account needed a break and is on that team.

My ign is Faddara and NiraxKina. The leader’s ign is EnJayy.

Darkshades is a platinum 2-1 team with castles of each element and an amazing alliance and great core. Check us out, and if you’re interested, message ScarletxReaper.

If still looking I can second the NewbieNoobs for a fun,chatty and friendly team. I spent a season with them whilst on hiatus from a higher league. Very social team.

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If still looking pyromancers is a G2. We have a good group of players that are slowly building up. We are a chatty and friendly bunch and would love to have you.

MountShamans is a Gold 1 team without atlas. Consider coming to us :hugs:

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