Team Search function


I have a suggestion on the search function of the guilds.

How about a function in which you could scroll page by page through the search. At the moment you can only scroll over the next button. But if there were a number of pages, as in the forums, it would be better to scroll through the search.
For example, you could jump from the first page to the fifth page, which would make the search a bit easier and faster.


Why are you looking for a specific team name?

I am not sure if it will make a big difference if you click on the next button, or just scroll down. It doesnt bother me, if I need some seconds more to go to 5th page. But I would suggest PG, to add the exact league that the Teams are.

Instead of showing just Bronze or Diamond, it should show Bronz 2, or Diamond 1
That would make more sense, if I am looking for a spectific league.

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I think it would be easier if you are looking for new members for the guild.
If you write people out of guilds, then you will be back faster to where you were before, if you are kicked out of the game.

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