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I’m looking for advice on how to balance team strengthening and still do well in whatever league my team is in. I did a lot of searching around and couldn’t find anything on this so I’m asking here. We’re a fairly young team and are currently in Gold 3. For a while we have been placing in the top 5 in each event, top 3 for a while there. These last 3 events since reaching Gold 3 we have been placing below 10.

Since wars play a big part in league promotion I have an officer who believes we should declare 2-3 wars and deliberately lose them in order to be demoted a league. With that the idea is we lessen the competition so that we can earn better prizes and work on: 1) strengthening bases, 2) leveling dragons/get better dragons, 3) work on getting all team members on the same page with being effective players since we recently had quite a few new members join the team. Basically prepping ourselves to become stronger as a team before being promoted to a higher league so we can be more competitive.

I think we need to strengthen as a team but I’m not sure deliberately losing wars is the way to go. Most of the team wants wars consistently. There’s even some who don’t care where we place in events. I personally prefer ranking higher in events for the sake of my inventory and sigils. I do better in points when I can keep having plenty of tools at my disposal from event placings and forging. The officer mentioned above already sent out a message about the war loss idea. Only about 4 teammates have responded and are not in favor.

I feel that if we keep getting promoted in the current state the team is in we will end up in a place where we cannot compete well at all in events or wars and will get demoted anyways. I’ve only been playing since November 2017, so like I said we’re young. I want to do well as a leader and as a team but I feel I have reached a point where I’m really not sure what to do. I only want to make a wise decision here and I may not know enough of the game function to make the right move.

What do you more experienced players suggest?

My team is staying in GoldII until we become strong enough to move higher. If it is necessarily we lose wars to stay in the place where we feel comfortable to compete and get decent event prizes. If someone doesn’t like our league rank or the idea of helping one another to grow together he is free to find a new home that suits him more.

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I actually saw your comment in another thread about this. I was thinking about contacting you in game. I don’t like the idea of deliberately throwing wars but I also don’t like struggling to place high in events when the competition is obviously much stronger and prepared. Some of my key actives are against the idea and that’s what bothers me too. It’s not like it’s a permanent thing to do though. The whole point is to get stronger so we can be promoted and hold our own. Officers are all on the same page. We have quite a few members not reading messages either and that is not going to help in higher leagues.

Personally I think think if you want to be stronger you have to fight stronger teams.

We leap leagues and take our beating back down learning the whole time.


Currently we are rank 18 in the event. We’re with a lot of teams this time and last event that are way above us even though we prepared well for this event and the last one.

As events close and we get shuffled around after events, is it an algorithm that throws us around based on how we did in the event that just ended?

There’s just a lot of the game I’m trying to understand. We unintentionally hovered in a league for a while, all of January. We kept winning one war and losing the other breaking even all the time. That experience did do just what the strategy idea intends that my officer wants to do. We strengthened a lot staying put and when we did get promoted we blew past almost all the teams we were with. We’ve just never done it on purpose so I am a little curious on how it works when done on purpose.

Lol it’s assumed that your base is a little bit built when you’re lvl 202

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Better to comptetitively move up than be stagnant and fall for fear of what might happen? :man_shrugging:t2:. Don’t throw wars, basically a D2 team if you do that :joy:. Just war challenging teams that are higher instead of sure wins, maybe? At least learn something out of the struggle instead of rolling over. Just my opinion.


Most of my team are currently 50 and under. I’m the highest at level 65. They are struggling to keep up with the teams we’re with right in this event and the last two. It’s not like we’re a bunch of 100+ and can each hold our own for the most part. It just doesn’t seem logical to keep pushing forward when most of the team can’t keep up. I had been doing more challenging teams as well as challenging teams declaring war on us and it’s not helping in the events. Idk about you but I don’t like placing below rank 10 in events. I prefer top 5 which is what we were doing 3 weeks ago. And it’s not out of fear of what might happen, it’s trying to think about how much stronger we can be for future promotions. I really don’t think it’s rolling over. Literally just lose 4-5 wars to fall back a little, work on ourselves, then surge forward again because right now we’re not competitively moving anywhere. If we were still moving forward I wouldn’t be entertaining the idea.

That’s the issue, a team needs activity and levels to do well regardless of league… no matter how low you go, there will be spenders and people 300+ even if they’re just moving up

Exactly why I don’t think moving forward is an option right now. We’re still team building. We have 42 teammates right now and almost everyone is active or very active. We have a handful of new members that might not pan out with how low their event points are (1,000 and under) while others are 50,000-200,000 points. The team is just not there yet to be competitive enough in higher leagues is how I and the officers feel. We ultimately want to move forward but you can’t do what you’re not capable of at the time.

WD is a great equaliser. If you just try your best you will move up. Eventually you will get too high and move down again. But all this happens naturally. If you just play the game you will find you are exactly where you are meant to be based on the strength of your team.

Losing wars on purpose hurts morale more than it helps imo.

Also take a look at the difference in team prizes between last place and, say, 5th place. It’s practically irrelevant. Sandbagging to get better event prizes is a waste of time. How are you ever going to know when it’s time to move up if you don’t try.

Go hard or go home is my motto :grin:


Personally I think you’re placing way too much emphasis on team prizes … I get not wanting to move up until your team has grown a bit but to purposefully drop ? Just say no … wars are your natural selection if you’re holding your own that’s where you should be… what you really need are a couple of long time players that really understand the nuances of the game. I was in your exact position not that long ago (most of my team started in aug 17) we merged w a small group of long time players and while ultimately it didn’t work out we still came away with a wealth of knowledge we never would’ve picked up on our own … good luck

If you look at the higher leagues I think you’ll find that the lowest prize in the next league is better than the highest in your current league.

Team prizes are nice but not the be all, end all for progression. Follow the advice in the season planning thread under strategy and guides and recruit, recruit, recruit.

Everyone has made good, valid points about just playing hard and organically landing where you belong. I do caution you though - playing above where you belong SOMETIMES is fun and helps you grow… too much will burn people out. I have found that most people don’t like to get their butts kicked more than every once in a while. Once you find where you STRUGGLE to maintain a foothold in your league, I recommend dropping one league below and maintaining there.

When you are out of your (competetive) league for too long, you will get declared on by multiple teams every day, sometimes the same team every chance they get, you can kiss your daily egg tokens goodbye, etc… it wears on people and you will inevitably lose players that way just as easily or moreso than by ‘sandbagging’ (more accurately described in this case would be managing your league rank to maximize competittion/rewards).

Basically, there is no right or wrong blanket answer. You need to know your team (at least the group you remain together) - that group’s goals, tolerance for losing, ability to do multiple wars day in/day out, etc is unique. Often there is no acceptable middle ground. Sorry to be a downer :wink:

I think it depends on the composition of ur team and the kind of players on it. Some teams have active powerhouses who are able to carry the team to higher leagues in wars.

I can only speak to my experience - I run a P2 team and we have been hovering in P2 for awhile now. I faced the same dilemma as you were when we were climbing up because we did not have any powerhouses. Before last fortification, we only had one player above lvl 200. I, too, was uncomfortable throwing wars but eventually saw the need to. We went up to P1 by accident once and was quickly beaten back down - we just weren’t ready in terms of strength, as well as levels.

Throwing wars are essential if u do not want to get promoted above what your team can handle, but at the same time, allowing you to stay in a league that still enables you to be competitive. Losing wars is demoralising but there is a difference between losing wars deliberately to stay in a league and losing wars because u are getting pushed down a league. Chances are, u would need to be winning wars too in order to throw wars to avoid that league promotion - so those are the successes u and ur team can enjoy in. Now, someone said that u have to fight stronger teams to be better - that’s true but if u are a smaller tough team in a competitive league, there are no lack of bigger teams waiting to snag an easy win. I have almost stopped declaring war because we always get sought out by bigger teams with every league change, and we enjoy beating them. Winning wars and doing well in events helps to get better recruits too - our last few recruits have been from teams we warred against & won.

We don’t stay idle in P2, we have taken the time here to recruit, improve our bases, improve our war protocols, teaching the team to defend, and getting stronger dragons (because that is only achievable with time if we grow organically) and ultimately when we do move up, we will be ready & not struggling… coz it’s not fun to struggle lol. We weren’t doing so well in events, unlike wars, but this has been improving in the past weeks/month, so that’s the sign that our team has been strengthening.

This has been a long post, but I just wanted to share that my team has benefited in staying in P2. Team strengthening does not come overnight and it takes several weeks or months. Communicate to the team - if you have a strong core team and loyal players who share the same vision, they will understand. Eventually, throwing the few odd wars will be a small blip in the grand scheme of things & frankly, will be the least of ur worries.

Good luck!


We (TargaryanHorde) are currently “stuck” in Gold I mainly due to a lack of dedicated players. Although we could make a push to Platinum, we recently decided that its better to stay where we are to recruit some more reliable team members. Ultimately, it’s not about how we do in events or what level our players are, its how reliable/active our members are when needed. When you can’t pull nearly 95% participation in wars consistently, you’re going to get demolished.

We have a great core of solid, active players (as many teams do) and a dozen or so mostly-reliable players, but the few that are unreliable enough that it makes progression untenable. We are trying aggressive recruiting to see how that works, but the final may ultimately be merging with another team who also has a good core of players.

Nobody likes leaving their team, but it might be the only way to push onward.

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