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I recently swapped teams and normally I would not get team prize but I would be a Ken to still get my prizes and do attacks to get more prizes. Now they have it where I can’t attack and not get prizes. Ive tryed asking in game for a fix and they are refusing to allow me to even get prizes. Plus on top of that I spent energy packs for energy and they want me to wait till end of event. Like they really going to wait and do it right.


I’ll pre-empt the inevitable response.
“Don’t swap teams during events if you want to participate”
Someone’s going to say it so I thought I’d be the one this time :man_shrugging:

Really though, I don’t know the impacts of swapping teams during events because I’ve not done it before. But from what I see the impact it has depends on the event, which is one of the many reasons people are advised against it.
If I was to take a stab in the dark it would be to do with you accumulating points on a different team, causing you to be prevented in doing so on a different team.


If there was a big deal then way is this no being placed? Why was there no in game email over it? U cant punish players that can’t handle some situations and just get out of it. It’s not to my personal gain in team prizes. I care less about them. I just want to be able to play the event


This happened recently to a few that joined my team. At some point it changed with no notification. Support won’t help you. The only “solution” if you want to get prizes is to go back to your old team until the end of the event.


There is no purpose of this punishment. It’s only hurting us grinders. If a person leaves a team there is a reason for it. Pg should support this and make the right changes. Them taking away the whole event is not fair to the community


The game used to have problems with things like bringing in many alts to score more points for the team and people dropping from high leagues down to low leagues in order to score easy personal points then returning by the end of event to collect their high league team prizes. So there is a purpose. That said, there are quite a few people who get caught off guard because they didn’t know


It’s been this way for years, like @Shimo said. People were abusing it like mad. I agree they should make a pop-up warning about leaving a team, but that’s about it. I agree with the actual system, just not the communication.


If there was a communication about it the I can see that they agreed to it. I didn’t jump from higher league down or anything like that. It’s the same league. If anything I understand losing team prizes but taking away the whole event is not right.


I think when directly joining a team through invite removes the warning message.

Actually leaving a team and joining a new team has the message:

Title: Are you sure you want to change guilds now?
An event is currently running. You cannot earn points for a guild unless you were a member before an event starts. If you move guilds now you will not be able to earn event points until the next event begins.

In your case, if you leave voluntarily, it’s impossible for you to have missed this message.


If I got that message when I applyed to a new team I would not be here. So like I said before communication is not available when I moved. This should not be placed on me and I’m not the one to be punished for moving to a better team.


Sounds like you knew the risks yet continued to do it anyway. :man_shrugging:

Plus this “better” team you joined should have known.


If I knew about it I would not have done it. So for the last time don’t ever put blame on me when I kno I’m right. Funny how all y’all that have high badges all take pg side. Goes to show y’all that I have to point out the obvious of why players are quitting the game. The scaling has not been fixed for higher lvls. Plus when we come to the forums all y’all want to make seem like it’s no ones fault but theirs. Hate to tell y’all this but you are wrong and I see why u have high badges.


No, just saying this is very common knowledge.

Step back, yo.


It’s highly likely that you just tap “Yes” without reading because I checked mine and see that leaving the team gives this message and applying to a new team gives this message

When it comes to applying team, it shows both on auto accept and review only options.

So unless you joined via invitation, I don’t think you’ll miss this warning.

Here’s a screenshot of the message:


Lol step back?
No it’s a known issue and it needs resolved. I’m tired of waiting and seeing all y’all gain up on ppl on here. I’ve watched for a long time and been playing a long time. There is a problem and y’all are failing to address it. Unfortunately like I said before I’m not at fault for failure of communication problems. Seems like I throw that badge up y’all get defensive. Wonder why ?..


Nope that message did not pop up so sry. Thanks for trying to be on pg side. Now let’s get back to the situation and not try and make excuses and cover them up.


I think the active people just get sick and fucking tired of the same thing being said time and time again. It’s a known thing. It is. Pure and simple. I agreed about the message. You’re the one starting a fight.

So yeah. Step off, you victimizing little thing.

P.S. I also call Pg out on their shit all the time, so it’s not a cover up. Try again.


While PG does break things a lot, you can’t blame them for you not being able to read the message.

I have tested this a number of times on my account and even provided a screenshot. It’s impossible for the message to not appear when leaving or applying.

The only time the message does not appear is when you are invited via mail. However, since you said that you applied to a new team, we can remove that possibility.

I wouldn’t even comment here if I know that the information I am providing is false.


But they can remind me about Bjorn every single time I load the game. :crazy_face: