Team swap in pvp



That message must be fairly new. Haven’t seen that one before. Glad they did that.


Oh yes then why didn’t I get that message ? No I didn’t. You call any way you want to me and I’ll never back down. You say u call pg out. But I see u here trying to cover something simple up. Anyone knows that if you are here for players you have their back. Yet all I seen on my post are ppl covering for them. Saying I should have got that message or I should have known. Nope if I did I would not have moved teams. Now you want to call them out please do and get this resolved. If not your wasting my time


Yes, they have high badges because they were around when such things were being exploited out the wazoo. Just because you don’t see the reason for something because it was patched before you started doesn’t mean you should get sassy with those who point it out. Also, it’s kind of common sense, that as a TEAM event there is not really a way to seperate your individual score from the team’s.


If its known by everyone (except for you apparently) it’s not a cover up. At this point I think your just a troll that needs to move on and get over yourself. If you change teams in the middle of an event you cant participate it’s as simple as that.


well, there’s no convincing you so I provided my evidence that you can get that message so if you can’t accept that even after I tried to create 10 teams and joining a few silver league team both on auto accept and review, then I don’t think anyone can help you on this one…

last post so good luck and have fun with the game!


Who said anything about who was on longer? Just bc I was not on forums when I first started was my choice.


The amazingly patient @Kenshiki answered that. I trust him far more than I do you.

No, I’m actually just calling you incredibly misinformed.

I won’t back stupidity. I’m here for the players or I sure as fuck wouldnt be here. I put more hours in for the players than I do for myself.

Oh god forbid. Fuck off.


If you’ve been playing as long as me you must have been doing so under a rock.


Even if it gets resolved, I can only see that the solution is actually forbid the correct players from getting points.


If i swap teams during a pvp event can i earn an automatic rainbow evolution stone for all my previous dragons?

I think it’s fair this way, and no i’m not going to change my opinion so back down yo (yo yo).


Just as it was your choice to be late to the forums, it was your choice to move teams during a PvP event. You screwed up, accept it and move on.


We need to get a confirmation button for joining teams via mail invite :unamused:

Edit: Oh look, I suggested this very thing an entire year ago and yet we haven’t had it implemented :woman_facepalming:


Real issue right there. Unless they fixed it…I delete those invites so fucking fast. @Kenshiki would know if anyone did


This post is quickly devolving. @moderators please intervene.

#jb4Moderator. :rofl:


Self promotion! Love it! :+1::joy:


Change your name, and I may vote :smirk_cat:
Gotta add one liner
:thinking: Area 51?

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