Team Taunter support, can limit be raised?

200 troops is nothing to assist team members helping defend the team. Please consider changing this amount to something more practical! 1000 maybe? Or even let us choose how much we can donate? It is hard on those teammates to maintain troops if being hit multiple times.


Lol yeah 200 is so few troops that it is completely meaningless. The transfer troops to your team mates is a function that has been broken since day 1.

But WD history is littered with concepts that they thought might go somewhere, but ultimately did not. Dragon armor anyone?

It’d probably be fair to allow as many as 7.5k troops to be transferred to a person every day. Enough to compensate for one redirection by a bronze taunter.

On the other hand, I can also see how troop transfer that way could by exploited to sorta get around the build costs, so I’m not sure where the appropriate balance point is.


I suppose it comes down to using hacked accounts for troops? Idk.

I was actually thinking less hacked accounts and more just using alts to get around the hat regen/expediting costs.

e.g. “Player creates 10 level 25 accounts, builds troops on all of them as fast as hat regen allows, transfers those troops to their main account.”
Allowing players to get more troops, faster, and cheaper.

That too, I suppose. Considering PG doesn’t ban cheating accounts (Atlas manips) and just lets them move to another team and retain their Atlas access, I am more worried about cheaters.

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Fair concern, and you’re right - it runs into the same cheater-based issues as allowing the transfer of anything else. Namely, “What do you do when a single cheater’s actions can spread to a ton of non-cheating accounts?”

Account X cheats up 10M troops, spreads them around a bunch of other accounts, which use those troops to accomplish a variety of things, and it rapidly becomes impossible to map the downstream effects. And equally impossible to identify and punish those who might be intentionally benefiting from cheating. Let alone undo the effects of the cheating (at least, without a complete server rollback).


How is this different from being allowed to transfer lumber/food? Is not cheat if you get the troops in a legit way.

Lumber and food self produce where as troops do not? Hats do, gold does not. Also, with lumber and food, there is still another gate (timers, XP).

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But who really wants 10 alts on the team? If they are not contributing to team events, wars, I don’t think this would really be a problem.

That would be incredibly impractical. You would have to have an ATLAS team for your 10 alts, and you would have to feed them gold some how, and you would have to log back and forth between them constantly.

Its not impossible, but so impractical that no one would do that.

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