Team tax rate and Banking Management

I’ve looked through all the old postings and this was to be addressed “down the road” it’s been 3 months.

We need an easy way to manage all banks and taxes ect. It was mentioned we shouldn’t have to be accounts with excel spread sheets ect.

Any update on this and how it’s going to be managed to make it easier?

I feel like this kinda gets ignored a bit whenever it’s brought up?

Me too and from the other topics on it nothing has been done to improve this element of Atlas.
Even though it effects every single player! :man_shrugging:t3:

This would be awesome as an export .csv file

Coming from the teams banker/record keeper it’s a very manual process right now


Send all your gold to me. Then you won’t have these issues.


I too volunteer as a game-wide gold keeper.

My rates are quite reasonable.


I agree… But my guess is this is seen as a QoL matter, and probably on the lower end of any list (if it’s even on there).

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True, why improve QoL?
Sorting runes alphabetically seems to be too hard also.
So :man_facepalming:t3::man_shrugging:t3:


Here’s a bunch of suggestions to improve banking in Atlas:

  • Each player should be able to bank at any team bank and have their own account. Only they could access the contents of that account.
  • Food, wood, gold, should all be player managable both ways (deposit/withdrawal).
  • Officers should not have to become full time bankers. They might like to actually play once in a while.
  • Officers should be able to manage the team funds. Players should be able to donate to team funds.
  • Each teammember would have an account at every bank, although they may choose to only use one for simplicity and capacity/management purposes.
  • When a teammate joins the team, their account would be automatically provisioned.
  • When a teammate leaves the team, their rss and gold would be automatically returned to them and their account removed. The same should happen to garrisoned troops, although the player would need a personal garrison for them to go to (non-castle garrison). There would need to be a new UI element for the personal garrison.
  • The ledger would track all personal as well as team resources.

I like many of your suggestions. I don’t know that they will be realized, but I think they are good.

But you can lower the burden on your officers by setting a different non-officer as banker and as governor at each “island” (what are we calling them now?).

If you do that and you keep your money fairly even spread out, you should have access to enough at any one moment that you can meet needs without relying on only 6 people.

Just a suggestion for working within the current limitations.


The burden isn’t really sending out rss. It’s the tracking that’s the problem. People save gold between primarch training events and that needs to be recorded somewhere because I’m sure as hell not looking through a month of ledger records all at once to make sure someone deposited what they said they did. There’s enough gold to freely give for troop training but not prim upgrades

Banking actually used to be individual but was changed to team based though I don’t recall the reasoning

I really appreciate your support for my suggestion, it means a lot to me.

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Guess if everyone has their own island problem solved right?

Yep. But that is not easy.

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I’m sure some would say… :unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused:
never mind it’s late…
will continue this tomorrow.

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Make people responsible for tracking their own.

Not perfect, but if anyone lies by more than a little, it becomes obvious quickly.

I can make people do some of their own work but I still gotta check it lol. Man I’ve never even used a spreadsheet for any practical application until this game

And it would be awesome if they increased the limit of bank capacity to hold good amount of food and lumber like gold.:grin::grin:

They do currently, depending on your definition of “good amount”.

I personally found the weekly ledger overview very helpful for this.
You can event screenshot it every week to keep track if you want.