Team Trailers for War Dragons Summit

Hello all - War Dragons is doing our first-ever virtual summit this year and we want to celebrate all of the great teams that make up the world of Atlas.

If you want your team to be represented in the 2021 Team Video and to be shown during the Summit, here’s what we need:

  • A 30-second trailer for your team (it can be less than 30 seconds, but not longer)
  • Make sure your team name is displayed prominently
  • Nothing in the video that might violate our TOS
  • Posted to YouTube
  • Content of the video can be more or less whatever you want, graphics, flights, a roster, etc.
  • Post your team videos in this thread!
  • Your team can only have ONE video so make it count
  • Done by August 15th, 2021

Looking forward to seeing all of the awesome hype videos, tribute videos, comedy videos, best battle videos, or whatever you can come up with! :muscle:

The summit will be happening sometime in November! At least - that’s the current plan.


:thinking: Sometime this year? :rofl:


@Taco I’m gonna leave this to you and go back to my corner


Uh I wonder who gets highlight reels? Cause imma go to my corner along with RuRu

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The nation is opening up, November is a long way off. Why go virtual?

Opening up is not the same thing as being safe. For the safety of everyone I think it’s completely rational not to commit to something like that when you don’t know what is going to be happening. Honestly it would be pretty dumb to schedule things to be in person when the possibility of that falling through is real.
It’s also considerably cheaper than flying people out and booking hotel rooms


Oh definitely, I for one am glad that it’s virtual and not an in-person event. I’m vaccinated and take precautions but I don’t want to fly somewhere and have to pay for lodging. I’ll watch from my couch instead and have just as much fun :rofl:. Would be interesting if they had both an in-person and streaming version though, for those who really like the “meeting-up” aspect, although I definitely understand the safety hesitancy, just make them sign a waiver 🥸


You don’t know what you’re talking about. PG covered room and most meals at the last summit and I’m pretty sure all other attendees would agree that in person would be WAY more fun than virtual.


very nice idea :heart_eyes:

Pretty sure they were planning virtual for a while and to hit rewind on it now would do more damage than good. It is ok.

Will the full video be released publicly for us peons who cannot attend?


The did this for the first summit for the final gathering shaboomboom and streamed an aspect of it on twitch. While it was cool I think I’d rather Galileo/Timber be able to enjoy the event itself rather than be stuck in a stream hole again.


At times I wish I could travel the world you know see the sites but that’s expensive as Duck pointed out. So did feel this way about last summit.

Duck pointed out that the cost was on PG. Not the player. Your last sentence makes no sense.

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Consider if your far away from California for example you’d need to buy a airplane ticket that or waste your money on fuel for your car, truck or van that’s literally a lot of money for in person summits. Traveling ain’t cheap.

Yet again, PG paid those costs. It would be cheap for you. That part has been explained about 5 times now.

This is what makes no sense.

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Why must you make me do things. 🥲


Didn’t you do something like this already? Either way, you have the power of chunk this time so it should turn out even better!


The one I did previously is 3 mins. I’ll throw something together. :triumph:


3 mins is close enough to 30 seconds :chunk:


30 seconds of crying “Sepulla, why?!!!”