Team troop donations cap

Team troop donations at a max of 200 with the current max loss ratio seems very low to me, since the loss ratio and the revive ratios have all changed shouldn’t this number be closer to 1000-1500 per day/ per player?


it’s kinda to avoid abuse and possibly Real Money Trading.

like selling 49,000 troops for only $50.
Another would be to join multiple teams and get hundreds of thousands of troops in a single day. I’m not sure if you can receive troops the moment you join a new atlas team though.


I agree that in the past that might be true, but now that the loss limits are higher on the primes that needs to be looked at again in my opinion

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If the donations come from team members only it should be at least 1000-1500 per player/ per day, Not with the ability to send troops to other teams

Player join the team > Members of that team passes 1000~1500 each to that player > Player join another team > Same action being done.

Unless they place a limit like you have to be on the same team for at least 30 days before the limit is increase by X, it might be possible.

Still, people find ways to do RMT or abuse it. There might be other methods of abusing this. Heck even animal crossing new horizon has RMT.

let’s just hope PG find ways to minimize how it can be abused if they try to increase this.

I’m with you here @Blaze 200 troops is absolutely ridiculous this days.


Hope I got the right person

This game is infuriating at times. We can’t have nice practical things because someone will abuse it. We’ve all heard this broken record before.

Donating 200 troops is indeed small. It can add up when the whole team donates. But yes when assaults come it sure can be handy. I mean we can’t even unload Tripp’s off our primarchs easily for crying out loud.

Sure someone can abuse troop transfers but as some stated above there are ways to minimize. Limit the number of transfers etc.

If this company could fix their own darn code then maybe we could have some nice things to help our teammates. I’m tired of hearing every good idea is a no go because someone might abuse it.

I diagree to change it. Heavy spenders could easy fill several accounts with troops.
It would be more of a reason fix an ongoing cheat that player use to transfer troops off there prim while getting attacked.


So what? If someone wants to spend their money this way so be it.

But for those of us who pay for mortgages instead of mobile games, allowing us to transfer troops to primarchs that may need it is valuable.

The reason we can’t have nice things can’t always be … well hackers might do this or well spenders will do that

What’s the use case for this and why would it make the game better?

I don’t recall any kill ratio or revive ratio changes lately except the revive improvement for lower level defenders.

Even with atlas elite which you have to buy you can get 2400 troops every 3 1/2 hours or so, if you stayed up 24 hours to build troops you would get around 17,400 troops but one hit on a silver taunter can cost 15,000 troops (not including revive rate based on levels), it’s the balance with the team I’m trying to get help with if every player donated 200 that’s 10,000, it just seems like the team should be able to help balance troop losses for players who are on during an attack

@ObiWanMooo to your point heavy spenders buy what they need with diamonds anyway, what I’m proposing benefits the people who don’t spend

Hmmmm, well I guess that’s not getting a response from PG

It’s the weekend, wait till Monday.

And thats exactly what will get abused. Sorry everone build his own troops, this would widen the gap in Atlas even more.

The transfer amount should at least be doubled since the amount that can be lost has doubled.

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Why? You also got double hats now to train new troops.

Uhh because everything relating to troops increased except for the amount you can transfer…

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