Team vault suggestion

Team Vault suggestion.

Banks are currently used as a all in one storage hut by all members anyway.

Would it be possible to have banks converted into a players bank? (Accounts)

My reason for this is to just make admin a little lighter. Here’s how:

Players “Account”
Each player gets their own personal account to store Food, Lumber and Gold.
(Basically everyone gets their own bank)

Combine all “current” banks into one BIG team vault. It will work the way the current banks works but across all castles;

  • you set tax here for all “accounts”
  • Officers and leaders can donate from the team vault to accounts
  • Players can donate to the team vault from their account.
  • Have a ledger with tax notification (flag someone that’s not bringing in gold/basically not paying taxes)
  • It could have a scroll down menu with the upkeeps.
  • Maybe even have a notification that something can be upgraded on a castle somewhere. (Like builders hut currently have)
    Basically everything that needs attention in one place.

This way upkeep and upgrades gets paid from the vault with the tax/donations. You should be able to click on a scroll down menu and select a castle’s HQ (for example) and click upgrade from Vault.

This way each player can work for their own gold, pay the set tax and use whatever is in their account for troop building or primarch upgrades without worrying about other admin stuff.


Federal reserve pg stol style lol… I like the idea

If we do this, what’s the point of attacking anymore? Get an Atlas invader base and no more interactions. Maybe we can all have our own teams too?

I was told once they intentionally make it so you have to do something. That’s why upkeep isn’t auto-pay even if you have the funds. They give you busy work to keep you “engaged”. :confused:

What if you just think a little more and not just shoot down any suggestion because you can’t see the bigger picture.

You could have said something like…

What if gold were created the same way food and lumber were and showed in the attack screen.

That would motivate people to go out and hunt for it.

But NO. You chose the be narrow minded and not give someone a chance to have some kind of idea.

Please don’t post in my topic again.

This has been suggested before. Having gold show up in attack screen seems like a good idea, but because it’s more limited than other resources, seems like it would be abused.

There’s just no need for a private bank for each individual. The whole idea undermines the interactive nature of the game.

As do you. I’ve been civil and asked you not to post here.

Please respect my request :blush:

On second thought before I get banned again @moderators please be as kind as to close my topic.

Thank you :wink:

This would be great. Nice suggestion @PurpleFire :+1:

Coincidentally, we just started planning this yesterday evening! No ETA yet, but it’s high up on our tentative Atlas feature roadmap right now.


One bank/vault to manage?? Are you serious right now?? I mean like for reals?? That would be stupid awesome!! :heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes:

Any possibility that some version of the bank could be available to teams with no land? It would make building up in the neutral zone a little easier.

It’s a thought in progress, but we’re looking into it … every team should own something, ideally.

@PurpleFire They liked your “big” bank/vault idea thingy! Yay! I actually do like that part… :+1:

for fun … a screencap straight from our “upcoming plans”:


Awesome!!! I can’t wait!!
How many people would have the ability to transfer in and out of the team bank? Would it still be the governors and bankers at all the forts that the team owns? Or some other set of people assigned by the team?

THANK YOU! This will be a huge boon to teams in Atlas. I know it’s in the early planning stages, so probably a while before we see the fruit of this labor, but color me excited about this.

Thanks for the teaser.

The game is gradually turning into a mindless and generic way of just grinding xp/gold. The one-on-one interaction is slowly fazing out except for war and the expensive Atlas attacks (both can cost you a lot). One way of getting a little of the exciting daily interaction back is to make it more worthwhile to attack other players instead of continuously attacking mines. The other factor is of course the never ending and time consuming admin part.

Everything to make the playing experience feel less like a job and more like a game is already there but needs a little upgrading.

Team Vault (current banks)
The Team Vault will be the central control and will give a complete overview of what’s going on in a team and all the player’s interaction, like a track record. A percentage of whatever a player puts in their own account will go to the Team Vault (including Gold, Food, Lumber, and Troops)

- Team Vault features:
o Set TAX on all accounts – this includes Gold Food and Lumber (set separately for each)
o Ledger - Vault balances
o List of players
:black_small_square: Player’s all time totals on Gold, Food, Lumber, Shards, Troops and Medals and account balances.
:black_small_square: Option for Sending from Team Vault to a players Account
:black_small_square: Notification on low contribution
:black_small_square: (maybe add a “notify” button for sending a mail to a player)
o List of all castles with infrastructure and upkeeps
:black_small_square: display infrastructure under construction as greyed out
:black_small_square: Option to upgrade infrastructure on any castle from this list and the cost
:black_small_square: Notification for when upkeep is due
:black_small_square: Notification when construction has finished.
o Display Team bonuses

Players Account (current storage hut)
The “account” will basically be an upgraded version of the current storage hut, but it need some serious attention. Everyone is using the Atlas banks because of the bigger sending and protection limit. The storage hut, as it is now, is only a middle way between a player and the atlas banks and serves no real purpose (it basically became the farms/mills with a bigger storage space without the producing part)

For a long time people asked for more information to be available on players – the players account will provide just that. A player can screenshot their “account overview” as proof of how active they are in both Atlas and normal game when applying to a team.

- Account Features
o Overview of your contribution on Gold, Food, Lumber, Shards, Troops, Medals, atlas attacks and so on (tab for: total Deposits, Withdrawals and Balance)
o Option for Sending to Team Vault or to another Account
o Notification for when you’re not contributing to the “team tax”

Farms/Mills (and Mines)
It would also be worth it to consider moving the gold mine to the player’s base (like lumber/food) that generates gold per hour (again, like lumber/food)
These should have limited protection and can be stolen if not collected and placed in your account, therefore making it worth doing more attacks on players instead of mindlessly attacking the same mine over and over again for gold (which is still not enough) and then be left with no time to hunt for RSS or just having fun practicing your flying skills on normal bases.

Invaders (current mines)
Invaders should be used to get shards and xp.

  • It should also give all shard types, only a handful of teams have territory across all shard types making it extremely difficult to craft gear for most teams.
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So punish people who want to spend the time grinding out the gold each day? Lovely :slight_smile:

Yaayyyyy!!! Can’t wait!!! :point_left:t2:sarcasm