Team VP not working correctly for KW?

Has any once else noticed team VP is acting goofy?

Here’s an example:
Team A has 19 tiles and a minor monument. 906 points.
Team B has 10 tiles and a minor monument 1762 points
Team C has 6 tiles and no monuments and 898 points
Team D has 2 tiles and no monuments and 1198 points?

In game rules say that the team with the most cities gets 10 VP/H. Do you get more points if you own all 16? Am I missing something?

@PGGalileo Can you check into this?


Seems to be happening to everyone. My team went from 1st to 9th after we conquered a major monument, so we had a major and 7? tiles. Meanwhile, the teams ahead of us were ones with 2-3 tiles and no monuments. We also went from 2200 VP pre-monument to 900 VP after taking the monument.

Honestly I have no clue how they’re calculating it. Seems it’s not intended though because otherwise it’s in our benefit to play less cause apparently less tiles = more VP lol.


For our team VP is not accumulating but it’s decreasing over time! Definitely something wrong.

Thé vps you see are no longer VP/h… they are the total vp the team owns…

BTW, that would be awesome to have access to VP/hour again…

And also… it would be awesome to be able to mark territories we already own… so we can show the team where we need them to take cities back to prevent enemy to take it over…

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yes what is shown in the team rank has to be total vp earned so far. And I was saying that this number has been decreasing for our team which doesn’t make any sense. We have even expanded our territories.

VP/hour is shown on the battle page

Yes an VP shouldn’t go down. I screenshotted before and after taking a hex and we lost 280 VP.

Something is seriously amiss.


Has it become more and more problematic/glitchy/laggy/whatever in the past few hours? (what’s gone wrong?)
Also does anyone think they’re getting more of the “Webpage not loading; needs reload” things? I did a few (4 or 3) attacks and after each of those, it showed that


If that was true then VP/hr would go up after conquering a monument, not down.

Oddly our VP/hour has gone up with each acquistion - but the total goes down when we claim a territory.

Team A in my original post just jumped up to 7927 VP. Something is very goofy here.

Multiple teams in our league suddenly lost almost all the points and they now have less than 100 pts.

Our team just jumped from rank 1 having most territory to rank 14-15 lol

My team just claimed a minor monument; now we are down from 2nd place and in 20th place. From over 6000VP to now 300VP. This is… ridiculous. xd

Edit: A team just conquered our tile and we actually gained more VP from it. :woozy_face:


I hope thoes points comes back or there is no point in attacking in this event :man_shrugging:t2:

Out teams dropped in VP :see_no_evil: yet we’ve owned a major and minor all event we are 1/10 points that other teams have … and we have dropped :see_no_evil:

My team just dropped from 1st to 18th.


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I mean… it’s revamped KW. What did you expect would happen? A working event? Hahaha.

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So apparently once again they know about the issue but who knows if it’ll be fixed … so we grind and remain 20th lol

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