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I would like to create pages within our team wiki where I could hyperlink to different articles here in the wiki. I realize this capability could open up all sorts of problems but could there be a way to where the parameters only allowed pocketgem forums address links?
I’m not a programmer so I don’t know if something like this would be a tall order. Thanks

You can use HTML code for adding a link in your team wiki. I would include a warning that the link will open up the players web browser and take them out of the game. At least I found this to be true on iOS devices.

I found I can hyperlink to images but nothing beyond that. Do I need to look again?

How are you doing the hyperlink? Are you using HTML code? It sounds like your link is the the image and not to the article?

If you look you’ll see the markdown coding at the bottom in the edit screen. I want to be able to link to this forum on different helpful topics for the team. The capability is not there. I am asking if they can add a parameter to where we could.

Ah. I don’t use the markdown code. I used html code. The h ref tag specifically.

Here is a link to how to use it

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Thank you. I’ll check this out and see if this will work like I’m hoping it will. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!!

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You’re welcome! W3schools is a great resource. I don’t know how much html coding the wikis support, so I wouldn’t go too crazy. I think links should be okay tho.

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It uses the same Markdown code format this forum uses. When you go to edit a page it has info.

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