Team with Atlas for Takeover

It might just be your lucky day or the day that you wish you had never seen this thread. Let me know in a few months. :rofl:

I have a team with Atlas that I no longer want. It is empty except for an account of mine hanging on to it as the leader. I’m not very active anymore and don’t want to wind up getting kicked and losing the team so figure I’ll hand it over to someone.

I’m keeping the team name and IGN of the leader account anonymous for now. This account is inactive in game, so PM me here on the forums and let me know why you want it and why you think rebuilding a dead team is a good idea (good luck on that one :sweat_smile:). Or perhaps you already have a team of 50 without Atlas. That would probably be better.

A bit of advice. Being a leader is hard. Don’t do this on a whim.



I thought this’d be flooded with o’me o’me! replies…

Guess not.

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He said PM me though… Probably the o’ me… o’ mee… is happening below the rug.


Surprisingly only one PM so far. I bet if I did login to the game there will be a bunch of messages :rofl:

The last line speaks volumes. If people only really understood :rofl:


Ok people. If you can’t read simple directions I’m probably not gonna hand over my team to you. I haven’t logged into this account in over a year. The last attack was 455 days ago. I logged in just to see and what do you know? A bunch of messages asking about the team.



Give it away to random pirates then. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I’m an alt here
I have a friend and we talked about raising our own team
So yeah me me me

Lol if you really are willing to hand out that team atlas access then just do it. I know of so many good teams that would love to have atlas access. Sad to see this happening. Or are you after some kind of reward?

No I’m not after any reward. I just don’t want to hand it over to someone that’s not gonna put the work in. Or someone that’s a complete jerk. :joy:


Give it to ur buddy then. Or just ask a buddy of urs to hold it until you play the game more actively again…?

No one I know wants it.

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Check your messages

if none of your buddies want it, ask for a favor to any of them to keep it alive. -if you’re going to take a break from the game for awhile that is.

then ask it back when u come back. simple as that. :+1:t2:

I’ve gotten a lot of messages and I’m super busy today so please give me some time to get through them.

I sent you a PM

@moderators please close. I have found someone to take over the team.

I had a ton of messages so if you didn’t hear back from me, sorry but the team went to someone else. Good luck to those of you working towards getting Atlas.

Signing off for good.


Love to know who the lucky person was