Team (With Atlas) looking for a new Motivated leader with active players

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are you the team or the leader? :thinking:

either way this seems ill-fated


Hi how are you?

Yes I am the leader how can I help you?

Thank you for your negativity

I would like to make it Clear that I am not trying to do anything that PG will not approve.
I have currently an amazing team. But we don’t have Atlas and would like to offer myself to a team that needs help.

I hate to be the guy who explains the joke that didn’t need explaining… but I really don’t think you get it, so I’m going to explain.

The topic makes it seem like you’re a member of a team that has Atlas but is looking externally for a motivated leader who can bring some active players to the table.

Your actual text makes it clear that you are looking to become the leader of an active Atlas team, with no prior affiliation.

You don’t bother to explain what qualifies you to lead any team—in fact, you state that you currently don’t have Atlas. Does that mean you don’t have Atlas experience? Why would any team hand over the reins to someone without Atlas experience? What could you possibly bring to the table that would help them “get to new levels”?

If you’ve botched something as simple as a forum post about leadership, what in any god’s name would make you think you have the leadership skills necessary to do anything other than crash a team directly into the ground?


Completely understand now thank you for your honesty it is very appropriate it. I will repost this better. Thank you :pray:t3:

Sorry for the misunderstanding

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