Team wood and food storage


So what is your thoughts on having a team wood and food storage that you could transfer too and save for future use? I hit up admin and it they get enough push for it they might consider it. If you like the idea I urge you to contact admin.


Good idea - and they can also add to spoils of war for the winning team


There is a feature like this available in Atlas. They have been making changes to transfer and storage amounts so I can’t say how useful it will be


A former teammate who’s in Diamond now said that’s what they have, just an account to dump to, essentially.

I would really love this, and I think it’s a great idea. That way, raiding becomes a bit more even, frankly. And if we have really inactive players who aren’t contributing, they’re going to get raided and… well, oh well! lol

@SweatyFE I don’t know if polls work for this or whatever, but maybe that might be the easiest/best way to gauge interest? Just a thought.


I have suggested this in the old forum but pg turned it down. However in atlas, we have that feature already. So I think when atlas is rolled out game wide everyone can use it to store Rss


I would just like to point out the “team bank” does not work as a “dump when getting raided” feature. It is specifically designed that way - which is a good thing.


@Shimo Are there any limitations on input verses withdrawal?


Deposit amount for most people I believe will be lower than normal transfer amount. It seems to be linked to storage level rather than player level since both my accounts can deposit 15% of their storage per transaction but one is 75% of normal transfer and the other is 85%. To give some more usable numbers the actual transfer amounts are about 144k and 192k for level 158 with storage capped at lv 53 and 214 with storage around 70. That’s for food/wood storage at least. Gold I haven’t done the math on. Maybe worth noting that transfers to bank don’t overlap with transfers to players. You get 3 of each

Withdrawals are max 10% of storage limit. Storage limit, and therefore transfer limit, changes when you upgrade the bank at a castle. Each castle your team owns has its own bank shared by the whole team. Like transfer between players you get three transfers at once which take 20min to finish but again, the bank is shared by team so only three transfers per bank total

Bank Transfer Limits
Level 0: 50k
Level 1: 150k
Level 2: 250k

Based on patterns I believe bank can go up to level 6 but that level will most likely be capped quite a bit lower for most teams as infrastructure levels are limited by the quality of the territory. Don’t quote me on that tho :grimacing:

Edit: Well that emoji was mildly terrifying :joy:


The numbers have changed a little last patch

We seem to be able to shift more rss

Level 2 island - shifting 350 food lumber and 2mil gold per transfer


Yep I know they changed the values in the update, I was going by bank level not castle level


I really liked this idea and wanted to add another.

What if there was something to gain from it? I don’t like the idea of having a giant pot that you could just save up lumber and food for fort and feeding events. This would guarantee that everyone would finish these two events in minutes of them being on. Instead, i think the storage should give packs out for contributing. There should be levels of payouts that reset after their event.

The building could be two big pots/pits underneath the black dragon that guards your base(sorry i forget the name of orange tiers). The team could send resources to the pit every hour, BUT the process would take 5 minutes to start/do the transfer and this is so it wouldn’t be a place to dump to (has been said in other comments here). You can transfer only a certain amount per hour. I really have no idea what would be fair and it would depend on how much resources each level of pit/storage container would take to fill.
There could be 25 levels. Each level requires more and more lumber from the team to fill it. After all of the levels have been filled then you can keep refilling the container for the 25th prize. OR the storage unit would empty every day at a set time. To get the pack prize you would have to fill it before the day is up. And with a single month between fort events you could easily finish one level a day. If you miss one day of filling the container then you must restart at the same level container that you were at while other team that did fill their container would then be one level container above you and thusly get a better lrize when they fill their container which is one level above your own.

There should be some restrictions however. You should have to contribute a certain amount (increasing with caontainer level) before you would be eligible to get the pack prize when the container has been filled.

I think i said this but I’ll go over it again in more depth. The levels of each container should restart after the end of the event that they correlate with, aka:
Fort-Wood Container (Once a Month)
Feeding-Food Container(Every 9week or whenever it is)
This would mean that the food container would have more levels with less payout OR omit the idea of having the container restart daily and have the amounts much higher than that of lumber containers.

So what do you guys think?


I am not sure how it works in Atlas, and I guess time will tell if it catches on. An idea I have is what about additional storage to could “pay” to use? I was thinking of a modification to the current storage where you can spend one resource to protect more of the other. For example, if fortification is on, you could “feed” the storage food (similar to perches) and it will protect a higher percentage of your lumber. This could be used the opposite way with “feeding” lumber to protect more food during feeding event. Might be an easier change in the game since we have something similar to it with the perches. I am definitely not familiar with what effort it would take to do any of these changes, just thought this might require less tweaking of a platform prone to bugs occurring.


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