TeamGlory...where does it hide

Is there some place we can view the actual amount of TeamGlory ones own team has?
Without owning a actual castle?

Yes, click on any one of your own castles, and view the Fort. Team Glory is shown in red, below:

Ha, sry Atops I just added…‘without owning a castle’ lol


no clue :rofl:

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Thankz anyway.

Without land, I believe you won’t have any… you need to first own land and then earn glory while having land. (You probably need some infrastructure built as well)

While I haven’t seen this confirmed it was how the original proposal worked. (No land = no castle guards on conversion and none created)

That doesn’t make sense though does it? How are you going to be able to hold it for any time at all and build up team glory with no defense?

Also how is team glory for defenders acquired? Is it based off troops built by the team?

Gaining GP, will give us TG, so we can hire CG’s, lOl

Yes, you may indeed be right :scream: lOl about not being able to hold lands while trying to gain TG.
The struggle just became real for many, non castle owners.

I was, and still am hoping this isn’t the way lOl
Whether a atlas team owns lands or not, we should all be accumulating TG.
Thankz for giving me some insight tho EidolonRM😊

I’m hoping it’s not either but I can’t find anywhere that specificity says how that game mechanic works

@pgEcho @pgEcho @PGDave
Is someone able to clarify, if TG is acculmated and stored for current non-castle owners?

@PGCrisis @PGDave @PGEggToken @pgEcho
Do I need to submit a ticket to get a answer?

I think your team will keep on earning them, but you cannot see them until you have a castle of your own.

Contact support and see if they can check it out. However, if possible, include that “Please escalate this to PGDave or anyone from the Atlas team if you are unsure of the information that you will provide”

That should at least give them a chance to properly escalate it since you mentioned those words if ever that they do not know it “yet”. It’s a new patch so new tools maybe.


Thankz for the advice @Kenshiki :blush:
About to contact support now.

Team Glory is accumulated if you don’t have a castle based on the glory your team earns. That said, there is not a way to view it currently until you take a castle of your own.

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out of curiosity…teams just added to Atlas, if their members currently had troops from previous Atlas access, will those troops count for Team Glory once land is acquired?

Ok, awesome. Thankz for the response @pgEcho

Any troop that was alive regardless of when it was built would have counted towards team glory.

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Can you explain how team glory is accrued? Do you get points for troops like everyday, every hour, when they are built? Are there other factors that add to team glory?

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