Teamless and Glory Calculations?

If you are on atlas but quit your team temporarily for vacation or something, do you still have Atlas?

What about glory, how is that calculated when you are solo with no team?

Nope, Atlas goes with the team, not the player. If you are going to take a break, move your Primarchs to no man’s land so your team doesn’t have to kill them off (they will be “enemy”).

Or temporarily join one of the Atlas vacation teams. Same problem if you get autokicked, though - your Prims will be enemy and need to be killed.


ok cool. how do i find a “vacation team” ? :slight_smile:

Looks like IvoryViper is one that accepts Diamond/Sapphire refugees?


They are around lol sure someone will post here

I believe there is 24h period (or so) before your prims are returned to barracks (along with the troops)

Thought a week they get perged

Is it that long? :flushed:

Awesome thank you very much. Going to Hawaii for a few weeks :slight_smile: Then after that I’ll be very busy with work, not sure how this game will fit in anymore. Hopefully I don’t get sucked back in to the diamond rat race lol

Not always, I’ve had them purged nearly immediately. Perhaps it happens once every 24 hours.


Maybe it happens when the gold multipliers reset?

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