Teamless during PvP events

This is an entirely hypothetical question, but it’s been on my mind for a while.

So, if you leave your team right now and go completely teamless during this PvP, what on earth happens related to the event for you? I’m guessing you can’t attack anyone—as they’re on teams and you are not—so no more points. Does the event tab go away completely? What happens? :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:

And no, I’m not going to test this out myself. Lol. Just curious

I believe it stays but you just can’t do anything except do your chests and season prizes :man_shrugging:


^that. You can still access the island, see how the league is doing etc but you can’t attack

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Can we continue the event (getting achievement, etc.) if we come back to the same team?

Yes you can continue if you go back to the team you were originally on when pvp opened.

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Provided they haven’t had 50 players score points already

@Grumpybigbird @Carnquin Thanks guys :grin: Interesting to know even though I don’t ever plan in being in that situation myself :joy: :t_rex:

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I’am in this situation.
Due to the haPANing our team was disolved by the officials in order to not get “pan contagion” due to some of our teammates were cheaters :rage:
So i’m now in another team and i cannot do anything related to de event, neither the event misions for the clan chest.
I can still get chest, open them and trade sigils won that way.

In my particular case it seems i also lost sigils (already sent a ticket).

So no, not a good idea to change teams during events, not willingly at least.

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