Teamname change option

Hi Dragon lords
We all are allowed to change our player name. But I think, with Atlas and all the alliances, it should be able to change the teenage too.

For example. Some team is in one of the big Atlas alliance and have a 2nd team for recruiting and fun. All teams named the 2nd team the same. Only difference is a number or some letters. So the fun team have to follow the alliance rules to not to harm the first team.
If PG would give us the option too change the team name. The problems are gone.

Some are only sad if their name and have to start a new team and would lose all of their hard work.

But Why? It would be only a little modification in the game and some problems are gone and some peaceful fun teams to recruit for the higher team could stay alive without losing the hard work and no restart for only the potion to chose a new name for the team


This has been brought up before, unfortunately the answer was no.
If you can change your team name at will you could purposely try to mess up other teams (for example, hey guys look we are your friends from B0B, grant us passage, but really the team that is granting passage friend is BOB, not B0B).
Also, it would be very confusing keeping track

Think you know the alliance teams and their right names. With O or 0. The league’s have so many dead teams. Why should it be more and more cause of this. And I don’t think that the teams make weekly some random names. Or they should allowed to change the name only one time per year or only one time

Just no

Just no…cause the players don’t wanna have the chance to do it or PG? Their are many ways for it. And if the mist players are happy with it. They should do it. Or am I wrong. They make the money and we have the fun.

That I could live with. Teams changing their name all the time allows for all sorts of shenanigans, but once a year should be low enough to fix embarrassing mistakes or have a clean slate every now and then without being disruptive.

Perhaps one time each team. So no one become confused about random shit

I honestly think that the system isn’t even capable of this feature. If so, support would be able to change teams names on request.

Edit: capable capabilities :roll_eyes:

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That would be very nice. And I think that nobody have any issues with

I don’t think so. Or I hope it could work this way

Not sure whether it can be implemented as teams tend to have similar id to their name, unlike players (pgid in addition to player’s name).

An example of this is

  • Create a new team and post something in TC.
  • Disband your team.
  • Create another team with the same name.
  • Check your TC.
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I don’t know. Perhaps some nerd with experience have some answer for this. If it’s possible or not. But I think or hope it could work this way

Closing until an official answer.