Teams commonly asked questions for beginners

Introduction to War Dragons Teams

What exactly is a team?

A team, clan, or guild, consists of 50 players who work closely together in the game. A team unlocks many new game features. In every league, above bronze, there are 25 teams. These teams compete in wars and weekly events to move up in leagues and earn better rewards.

When can I join a team?

At level 6 once you finish the game tutorial!

How does a team benefit me?

  • Free daily egg tokens
  • The ability to share resources
  • The ability to have people follow you on attacks or defend your base
  • Access to pvp events (every other week)
  • Weekly team based event prizes
  • The ability to war
  • Access to atlas (for teams in higher leagues)
  • A chat dedicated exclusively to your team
  • A network of players who can share advice and tips
  • And many more

How do I find a team?

First you need to decide what you’re looking for in a team. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you want to play casually or competitively?
  • Can you devote enough time or money to meeting team event minimums?
  • Do I want to join a friend’s team?
  • Where would I fall in the team? Would I be the biggest player? Smallest?
  • Do I want a social team?

What is the most important thing I should look for in a team?

This will differ between different people, but my biggest thing is finding a team with good communication. I’ve always felt that when there’s good communication, everything else falls into place around it. I would be interested to hear your opinions in the comments section

What do teams look for in a player?

Many teams have a recommended level and tier requirement to join. They might say you need to be level 100 and have gold dragons. However, these requirements are rarely set in stone. Many teams would rather have an active and determined level 75 as opposed to an inactive level 140. Never be afraid to reach out to a team’s leadership about joining. Remember that the person who sends a well written letter inquiring about the team will almost always be favored over the person who simply says, “Send me an invite.”

How do I know when my team just isn’t working?

Now this is a sensitive topic, and there is no right or wrong answer, but I feel like it still needs to be addressed. I’ve been on teams I loved, teams I hated, and everywhere in between. The bottom line is when you’re in a team you’re not happy with, or one that makes it a chore to play, it’s time for a change whether that be expressing your concerns to leadership to work through them, or leaving the team.


you forgot to list clan up there in between team and guild. :disappointed:

I’ll add it in for you!




Not 6? It’s been so long though that I forgot :rofl:

You are correct

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I just double checked and is is 6, whoops! I’ll adjust that now


Should’ve mention Much more rewards as the main benefit :laughing:

Please tell me they are paying you to make such a forum post… and will they pay me for my wasted time reading it?

Don’t get me me wrong I can see why PG wants basic info like this on the forum… but I can’t for the life of me understand why an experienced player would create such a post containing 100% common knowledge to anyone who has played this game for any reasonable amount of time… I’m just trying to figure out the motivation for what is mainly useless information to most players?

Sure I get the creators faction part but common… I may as well make a post saying “hunters you tap the screen, Sorcs (aka sorcerers) you swipe the screen and with warriors you press the screen”

I mean. There are players who are new. Who would like this information. :thinking:


Perhaps you’d like to check out the post for levels 1-35 as well— Beginner Base Building (Levels 1-35) —- believe it or not I’m working on posts for new players based on commonly asked questions :slightly_smiling_face: your feedback is noted, however


But is not all of this covered in game? Most brand new players are not exploring forums…

My question is why? Seems like a lot of work for basically nothing… so what my ARE you getting for this? As I don’t see any real benefit to the community for posts like this…

Not a specific breakdown like this, no.
Why does it matter to you if she makes content for new players or not?
New players deserve guides just as much as older players do, and the longevity of the game needs new players to keep it going.
I have tons of low level players that are subbed to my channel that ask these kinds of questions daily.
Having a resource to send them to is great and isn’t hurting you at all, so why the negativity on something that literally doesn’t hurt you what so ever…


I have many reasons for wanting to know… I want to know what benefits the creators faction gets. I want to know why Pg can’t provide this basic information and is instead taking flames time to do it…

Why this matters to me? Well I care about people working for slave labor rates which is basically what the GPF does, and it makes me more annoyed is that someone I actually like is doing this… I don’t like my friends working as a slave to Pg… so I’m asking what is Flames motivations and/or compensation?

I’m friends with her too.
Which is why I’m stating if the compensation wasn’t adequate I’m sure she wouldn’t do the work.
If you are “friends” why not ask her directly?
If you are friends you’d know she wouldn’t waste her time doing something she didn’t feel comfortable doing.
So this just seems negative for no reason.


Who said I didn’t ask privately? I’m more interested in the public answer though.

Wait, we work for slave labor rates?

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Yes… you do. You put in hours to create material and get paid in something that is practically useless and fiscally nothing to PG, so… yes

We… get paid?!!