Teams commonly asked questions for beginners

Not monetarily… hence slave labor rates… a few Diamond here, a gold chest here… (all things that cost PG nothing)

Why are you bombarding her posts with this negativity? As Taco said, there are new players that need this stuff, and Flame is trying to help them.

Compensation is more or less irrelevant. There are plenty of guides on the forums, are you saying those shouldn’t be made too? Or are you choosing to ignore them being made because they benefit you? Huge double standard right there.

You’re complaining because ‘PG should offer the guides themselves’, but at the same time, people have repetitively said over and over again that PG doesn’t know their own game… You really want a guide from PG with such a remark coming up all the time?

Factions are player based groups that contribute to the community and act as community representatives - which I’m sure you already know. But what Flame is doing is community contribution, one of the reasons any player gets into a faction, so why are you complaining? I’m sure she’s more than capable of choosing what to do with her time on her own, same goes for anyone that makes guides on the forums - they do it because they want to and are willing to dedicate the time for it. Whether or not it benefits everyone is circumstantial.

Bottom line: Stop being so negative when someone is trying to be helpful. I’ve written thought-out posts myself, so I know how much time and effort goes into it. Don’t belittle that, really not cool.

Rant over.


Can you pls make on for how glory works? I still struggle. Not a 20min video fan so dont watch those. For now I just attack prims that have lower defence than my attack but would love to know more:)

Is that question to me or Flame? I’ve written one before personally but kept it for my team because from what I’ve seen, people aren’t fans of reading plenty either

I believe Sally has a written guide for glory, let me get ahold of her and see if it’s up to date :slightly_smiling_face:


The videos and the labour that goes into making them are great. Just wish if PG can make these videos pop up for new players. Like in Royal Revolt 2. When a new player taps a new unused button, a pop up video comes explaining what it is for, how is it used, its role etc.
WD should have this!!! When someone new gets Atlas, not just a funky tutorial, but a zingy video made by someone who can explain everything well. (@Peter247 your videos are great!!!)


You know answers already xD.

It doesn’t matter because people are ready to sign NDA for that stuff, even this you know already.

For wasting so much time on game, at least they get some compensation for game progress :stuck_out_tongue:

One that’ll not be dead silent, communicates, and listens too opinions and always tells the truth how it is here facts about the game basically

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