Teams looking for players from w.d.u


Here from War Dragons United our friends and teams are looking to recruit:) if you find any of these a comfortable fit dont hesitate!! As more come in I will refresh!! Thank you w.d community!!

Hey everyone:) DarkBrotherHd is currently looking for players who want to conquer and work together as they move through leagues. On the laid back competitive side and are very supportive. If this seems like it would be a good fit for you please look into joining them:) I have been friends with the leader since before the team was created. Very good strong loyal leader right there!!! Give it up for the DarkBrotherHd!

Hi everyone😊
We are looking for active players with the desire ti join a fun adukt team! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Active status, wars, events a must.
If your interested in joining a team that helps eachother and maintain a fun, hikarious, laid back environment… Message me
GN: xLastxShadowx

I am Sithstress from LaughingSkulls! We are a great team that is more like a family, looking for active members to come join us. Limited drama, we are here to fight hard, play hard, and most of all have fun!!


LaughingSkulls ‘limited drama’ ? Pshhht.


Maybe sometimes teams like drama:/ lol Idk but that was what they wanted me to post and I will not edit what they want to pitch for their teams. Sometimes if teams do not provide a pitch I will get to know the team and express there goals and structure. If I already know the teams recruiting then I love to through mt 2 cents in bc I recommend joining them.


That’s all fair; what you’re doing is great.
Just pointing out from what I’ve observed, LS is not drama free lol.


Thank you I appreciate your feed back:)


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