Team's Season Glory

I just wanna know how Team Season Glory is determined ?? Is it the overall or average GP earned by the 50 team members over the duration of Atlas season ?

If above criteria is correct to determine the Team Season Glory then what happens to the glory points of a person who changes team in between atlas season, does it stays with the team he/she gained it or it goes to the new team they moved to.

Basically just wanna clear up its not like that players from high influence teams can drop to low influence Atlas holding teams, can accumulate a tons of gp and back to their main team at last day of season and team’s rank in season jumps from 25 to 1.

Would be good if glory earned in Atlas season will be judged as the event points in normal game where you change teams in between events your points stay with old team and you cant score in new team, either made this same in Atlas or just the glory gained within a team stays with team.

If there’s any other criteria of judging it can you please elborate ? @PGEggToken @PGDave


@Pgecho @PGEggToken @PGDave KnockKnock :eyes: anyone here ??

The total glory everyone on your team earned over the season. Its based on the team you were on when the glory was earned.


So it does not move with u if u were to change teams correct?


Thanks for clarifying :pray:t2:

Thanks for helping @PGEcho :grinning::raised_hands:t2:

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