Teams staging for GP

Just a heads up to the new teams in atlas, always keep an eye out for bullies like these that can’t handle attacking fairly against teams their own size and strength. Moxxie and bet we are butter are currently staged. Along with a few other teams and some new guys trying for land. Always watch your safe zones and never trust anybody. Spies are everywhere :kissing_heart:

The delay by PG gave teams plenty of time to set up for the expansion. What else are you going to do with a three-week delay except make plans and build ships?

Umm. No. About 8 teams got the release on time 3 weeks ago. The other 100 teams got it last Tuesday and was 90% blocked from growth due to pvp blackout and several down sessions for maintenance, oh and let’s not forget that so many didn’t and still can’t get in for the glitches. So the teams get 1 week to catch up whereas the last rollout got 3 weeks before their expansion. And everyone else had a year but’s still manages to successfully show more greed than pg bc ya know, owning 14 territories that you don’t even use makes them feel super special. Almost as special as going to pick on lower league teams and smaller players :joy:

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I apologise that my response was unclear. What I meant to say was;
The beta teams were given an extra three weeks with nothing to do except to make plans and build ships. Would you expect them to do nothing with this free time?

This is absolutely hilarious. So much backstabbing and crying, I can’t wait to see what happens next :joy:

you mean you can’t wait to see the small teams get crushed?

Sure, Butter is staged to get some land.

No, we do not own “14 land”… we own zero land… go look. So of course we want to get land!

And we have tested and provided feedback and helped with MANY of the improvements that you see in Atlas now (many came from feedback from my team, we used to be among the top 10 beta teams, we are just busy with life these days). So yeah… we have more troops and experience than the brand new guys.
You have a better base and more dragons than a player who started last week. It is the same thing, except we worked hard to help make Atlas better; make it playable for you all.

So before you decide to hate us, talk to us. Maybe you will like us :+1:t2:. Everyone loves Butter.
Plus, in Atlas, friends are always better than enemies :grin:.



Not as much as bacon… mmmm bacon.

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Instead of calling the older teams bullies, try talking to them. Some of the teams are actually pretty easy going. And some are nice enough to capture land and give it to you because it borders their land and they just want to protect it.


We kill you all. Death to noobs. :skull_and_crossbones:


Just so I understand this right because we got beta early we are supposed to sit on the sidelines and what twiddle our thumbs! In case you forget this game is called wardragons. :rofl::rofl:

They hacked your line chat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Took a photo of someone’s phone who got the message more likely. Doesn’t matter to me🤣

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