Teams with no castles in atlas

Why are teams that have no castles allowed to have atlas? My team is forever being hit for glory by a homeless team. This team hide in safezone, have no castle for us to attack and they hit us with little troops so we can not hit back. My suggestion is put them on a clock. You have X days to take a castle or atlas will be removed. This is becoming ridiculous.



What you feel these homeless teams should have atlas? Or are you on one?

With current primarch level, it’s impossible for them to get a castle immediately.
Why do you need to worry a out such team?
They lack egg token bonus, has no reliable shard resources outside Dark, and no invader xp bonus.


That is why I suggested putting them on a clock, “you have 14 days to gain a castle” and let the count down happen.

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Well, my initial reaction was “what is the issue you have with this?”

You say they attack with few troops so they must not kill many troops. Just trying to figure out what bothers you?

Is there something you are doing to make yourself attractive to “snipers”? Do you have offensive primachs or silvers at gateway castles?

I am not on a team without infrastructure, but I don’t have a problem with it

Edit: and yes we have castles that get sniped. There are a few ways to deal with this depending on your level and the level of the attacker. Both variations on making yourself less attractive to snipers.

Would a high level player want to hit a low level taunter for no glory? Would a low level player want to hit a taunter whose base they could not kill? Team defending all Atlas banners? Defensible bases? etc…, etc…


:expressionless: Need someone to simulate how many troops for them to conquer one castle (especially with lv 1 fighter), given that most Atlas teams have alliance as well


My problem is that they sit in Safezones hiding and taking pot shots all week long. Lowering our troops, and we have no way to pay them back. We can’t attack in safezone. They have been hitting my entire 5ta, low glory must be better then no glory for these pests. I understand there are teams that want to take a castle. Why not get rid of pests and replace them with honest teams that want castles.
Or get rid of safezones and make it NML then we will deal with them!!


Well, if you attack them back, you would lose even more troops so perhaps it’s a good thing you can’t. How many troops are you actually losing? At least you’re getting glory and decent revives, right?

I edited my post above to give you some things to consider. I think it boils down to this is a war game, people are supposed to fight, you could make a deal to swap your castle with someone else if you don’t like boarding NML

Or crazy thought, YOU could go attack a castle without access to NML / NZ and take that one. Then you wouldn’t be pestered.


And you can just claim that every teamless team trying for your castle is a pest. Problem solved /s.

Will be fair if they have proper boost to stand against your primarch stats. Seriously, most Atlas starter players have relatively low average prim level, and they need protection to help them build their strength…


As you know most castles have sz or nml access. So not every team can take them.
Here is an example:
Enemy Silver Sig with 1.6k Troops vs Bronze Trapper.
Sig hits on entry, kills its self, trapper looses 2.4k troops. Multiply that over the entire day. Being hit by 1 or 2 primes at a time. The losses add up. Again I am just saying do away with SZ or put a clock on teams that have no purpose to atlas.

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Dumb question, when you first got Atlas did you have a castle?

Unless someone gave you one, I’m guessing “no”. Why should it change now? Because you do and you want to hunker down in your fortress and build troops?


Did you READ my comments about bases, taunters, etc…?

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This is not a starter team. We have tried all tactics of negotiations too they want nothing but to be a pest. They have even said as much in replies. Other teams have offered castles, they don’t want them.
I agree some starter teams need a break, or assistance. Most have allies. This team is not that.

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:thinking: Need someone to do the counting…

AFAIK, not all NML / SZ neighboring regions have all of their castle directly accessible through the NML / SZ


Eesh. I’m impressed, this is a level of arrogance that I’ve rarely seen equaled.

You do realize that teams start without a castle, yes?
And, unless they’ve had Atlas before, with level 1 fighters?
And, unless they’ve had Atlas before, with no troops?
And, unless they’ve had Atlas before, with no high-level or Elite gear?

And you’re expecting them to take a castle that will, at a minimum, have 2M castle guards, on top of what the target team has on their primarchs, the target 5TA has on their primarchs, and the target alliance has on their primarchs?

Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?


So you, who are in an established (presumably) Atlas team with castles, are complaining that it’s hard to take castles yet you want PG to force newly sprouted Atlas teams to get a castle or be kicked out?


I did, I understand what you are saying.

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I should have just stood pat with my eye roll I guess.

Rather than taking something away from someone, brainstorm how you guys can respond to the issue. If I were a pest I would go be a pest at the place where I can get the best glory for least trouble.


Having a team that desires no castles is something that has to change with the Meta of Atlas.

The team rewards for taking/owning/acquiring higher level land is next to zero. You can get far greater individual seasonal rewards by sitting on a low lying team with no castles and just sniping ANY castle for decent glory (since the team portion will be minimum 50%.

Right now, the average I can get get glory wise for hitting a L375 (my level) in Atlas is ~50%. If the team is far worse than mine, I get zero glory for that portion. If the team is around my level, it’s guarded by a L500+ taunter or that I can’t go and solo or trap around.

The best way to get seasonal glory and individual rewards is to join a gold team, ranked 2000, and go hit random teams that you can own/solo.

It’s something that is broken as a whole in the mechanics. The fact that doing worse [team wise] leads to you doing better [individually]. The balance simply isn’t anywhere near what it needs to be.