Teams without full rosters are a big problem

Due to a number of reasons wars are now uncommon, this I think has removed the most compelling reason for teams to have a full roster of 50 players which, perhaps, is causing troubles during pvps at low leagues where new players face teams composed of only a few high level players but, more importantly, does not make teams gather new players and push them into the game.

I feel this is a big problem, that the issue of teams without players is bigger than the one of castles without guards because it makes the game very unfriendly to new players and thus will cause its premature death.

I can think of a few possible solution without any claim for them to be perfect:

  • fill teams with pve bases during pvp (already suggested in the past here)
  • inflict periodic league point losses proportional to the number of missing players

To prevent a few objections:

  • it is true that without a full roster team prizes in atlas and pvp events are limited but if you don’t care about 8/8 and 5/5 there are not many disadvantages
  • there is no problem for teams without full roster to be in silver / low gold league or outside atlas
  • teams can be retaliated against on atlas with potentially lethal effects, so disadvantages to not filled teams must be automated and not triggered by other teams’ offensive actions

this is good

I would add to this that new players should no longer be invited to create their own team- at least until they are level 100
Stop new empty teams forming


I feel like if you are not lvl 400 ++ you should not be able to create team


Nope. Raise it to level 999! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Teams with incomplete rosters war pretty frequently.

Maybe people don’t want new players because they could do damage to team in atlas or conquer the wrong castles, so perhaps there should be some protection mechanisms


I don’t want to do more wars, just investigate why teams don’t want to complete their roster and attract new players

100% this is the solution. Every team without 50/50 should be autofilled with Blackblood bases for PvPs

i would imagine having platinum teams half full of level 550+ bases is just as discouraging to new players perhaps we need to have a tier limits in leagues.

If you want endgame bases then play in sapphire 2 or above for instance.

create a bit of competition where moving up is beneficial. if you drop out then the towers roll back a tier or two and additional levels go into storage.


One of the bottom leagues in Plat4 is almost entirely made up of empty teams:


My suggestion would be for teams with less than 40 players, a single blackbloods base is assigned to the team during pvp.


why is plat 2 and 3 so full they cannot be fitted there?


Note that there are currently 5 teams without atlas in P4, but the api doesn’t show these.

There’s also about 4700 players on atlas teams in gold leagues.

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i doubt the game/server needs more shell inactive or holiday teams would be best to concentrate the players id say maybe even increase the team sizes and decrease the ta size and add a bit of positional gameplay…

Is this problem getting significantly worse? Do you have any stats from last year?


There were 2 teams without atlas in P4 in Feb 2022. With about 10100 players on atlas teams in gold leagues.


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