#TeamSpindra - sharing some clips of spindra - NOT ENOUGH


Spindra Solo - ♤PoItergeist♤


Ermac vs Nec + Spin


30m Vs 700m

Back when i first started practicing, come a long way and still more to go…easily one of the most difficult dragons to master :slight_smile:


I know somebody got some more, somewhere, doesnt matter if we already seen, wanna get em all on 1 thread.

Btw, thanks for the info @MonkeyDLuffyG5 on making video even easier to watch

-has anyone successfully pronounced your name correctly 5 times fast?



For Spindra, hes one of the sorcerers i like. Hence my shameless share :wink: it was back when lvl 50 towers were the highest.


I guess i could post some more lol and thank you for sharing…he is one of the most difficult dragons to master, imo at least. Great run btw, especially with it being so old, props. I had to learn how to survive off the spells alone for a while until i got Nec on up there, since it was possible to use gold tier spindra on max bases i figured i stick with learnimg it that way first.


I think spindra deserves a bump…I don’t hear much talk about him but the rare times this dragon is mentioned it’s always good things. Kind of a lost gem amongst all the necryx and kinni users


I honestly cant like your response enough nor could i agree more. Spindra is easily THE MOST underrated divine since last season. Everyone was so awe struck over Nec while im dying inside bc i have to get Nec first during the half off discount. Funny feeling to be eager for the day a discount ends lol


I had a tough time deciding between Necryx and Spindra. Eventually went with spindra. And to this day I regret and don’t regret it lol. I think necryx has far more uses but it certain situations spindra is the best choice to pick in battle


I got both Necyrx and Spindra. Spindra is the perfect follow up to necryx with a cloak equipped.


Ill go ahead and post this one since i shared it elsewhere recently. I have more in the cloud and some i probably wont show since im still relying on the techniques to win in certain situations, dont wanna give my opponents the keys to defeating me just yet lol at least until i understand more. Im actually STILL learning Spindra, she is so complex.

Note* this was also prior to equipping both HP runes on her, they definitely help.


Yea a very hard dragon to use effectively for sure… I just wish it was easier to rune her


I learned how to enfeeble the side 3 and back 3 towers. Aiming for the blue mage. Very strong once you can fly properly. The enfeeble spell works on storm shield and if you have precasted enfeeble + 5 rage, the 2 mages take 4 rage away you can still use the precasted enfeeble + 1 rage = blue mage destroyed ----> sacrifice and hit northern lights. Spindra is effective against defenders sometimes.


This is what i chose.


Yep Spindra can most certainly lead on some bases and even solo against defenders. I might have a clip on this let me look.

Spindra is also capable of countering a defended drain island without the help of a 3rd spell. Best tip i could probably give to anyone would also be to use sacrifice like spindra needs it to breathe.


Also I find equipping lockdown is very effective on spindra…to keep northern lights going. Only 3h to forge and you can use it twice in one battle.

Counter the rage drain…how? Do u mean use sacrifice as soon as the cooldown is over so u can gain rage back?

Doesn’t a blue mage disable the cooldown of sacrifice? If so then I could shorten the cooldown…we also have ice flaks that disable spells.
Northern Lights sometimes blocks rage from being stolen but doesn’t stop the freeze effect on the rage bar


Health runes are the best! Wow nice rune set.


Blue mage did reset the cooldown of sacrifice at one point but not anymore.

In the most recent clip above, at the end, i kill the 3 blues on drain island with primary attack then immediately cast enfeeble to hold before that last bar is taken. From there i use shield to counter reds in case defender holds on to a supershot…unfortunately in the clip i still got hit by red bc jumped the gun on activating shield, but honestly is a good thing. Spindra is still able to max out :slight_smile:


Ill just leave this here. Shield countered blue mage at the end.