#TeamSpindra - sharing some clips of spindra - NOT ENOUGH


The clue in in the video above.


You know if Ice Flak supershot resets the cooldown? If this tower gets buffed and appears on more kill islands, we could sacrifice back to back. Blue mage supershot resets cloak cooldown…that I know.

With the sorcerer normal attack, it will be hard to target the 3 blue mages on the rage island. Youll accidentally hit the red mage.


Not sure about any possibility to cancel sacrifice cooldown but i do know that no matter the placement or difficulty that it is possible to use sorcerer primary attack to target any 3 of 5 spots simultaneously. In the video labeled “learning curve” at the end i show how its possible to max rage out when encountering a defended rage drain island.


Oh i forgot to mention the other day, ice flak does not reset cooldown on sacrifice. If not already aware. Is kinda cool to see it done i get so confused lol.


Just defeated a 100m defense base in war with my sapphire capped spindra…was quite gratifying. Something I couldn’t even get close to doing with my Avyx. Granted most of that defense was one island and the blue mage wasn’t protected from death gaze :smirk:


That’s because Sacrifice doesn’t actually have a cooldown; it has a duration :slight_smile:


I thought it was a cooldown? You get your rage immediately and your health goes down immediately?


Duration is a length of time, i thought.


Yeah, normally, it’d be more like how Invincibility Shield or Rejuvenate has a duration, but it’s used for Sacrifice too, which is why blue mage doesn’t reset it.


I know what ur saying though, is what makes it different from time shift


Interesting :thinking:


I regret for not getting Spindra…


no reason to regret unless you missed necryx too :stuck_out_tongue:


Was being greedy last season (trying Spindra (dragon - 1), Necryx (Garnet), Grogg (5 shard), and Anuba (green)).
I learned from those fault…:sweat_smile:


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