Teamwork...where did it go?

I could be wrong but for me, one of the initial draws of this game was that teamwork overcome all. Honestly, it seems more and more about individual. Everything is personal prizes, how much a singular person spends or does as opposed to how well a group of 50 works together, which some days is a minor miracle. Team prizes are crap for the amount of work needed and incentivize sandbagging.

The only thing “team-related” I have seen was that they made infrastructure but even that seems to be flooded with hacked accounts depositing millions of gold per day. So that one is not exactly a win either. Could just be perspective but wtf happened to any sense of team? Way to go PG and take the one thing that made the game different and kill it off for what makes all the other games the same, most of which died already.


I think one thing impacting it was the introduction of the megacoin. Now in pvp events there is less incentive to work as a team because there is almost always a team that has a million megas so there’s no competing and it demotivates people to try. I agree that the team prizes aren’t a great incentive.

Even team achievements are aligned with individual performance, so as long as you hit the number required it doesn’t really matter if your activities help the team overall.

I love my team and it sucks when someone loses interest in the game because there is no way to fairly compete without spending a tonne of money.


Agree)And I still think that PG can use “team chest” idea and use it in Atlas
So every member must do something except using vallet,to lvl up infra
Which will prevent hacking,because you’ll need to do quest to get,for example coins,which will be equal X amount of gold to lvl up infra
Hopefully hackers won’t be able to hack it
And it will bring some team work

Love and hate megacoins at the same time
Love,because if I’m,for example,on vacation or dyeing with fly-it’s great opportunity to help team)
And hate,because it’s make game less about any kind of strategy and more about vallet war,when ppl can just go on biggest base and quit attack,without bothering to win it,and still get points
So,maybe,more limits will help to balance it…

Its not about megacoin actually, the structure of events is simply “if ur a low lvl in the team ask help for bigger score”. But now lets say s3 and above, all the lvls of members can pretty much score decent enough for them not to bother other higher members for help, teamwork only comes in … officers will mark this targer then we all atk, but yes technically ur only working individually.

Or maybe panda ur just getting bored to the game. Hehe.

I mean I have enough stuff to play for a while and play competitively but I’ve also played enough games to see where this is going wrong.

Then you add in the rampant cheating and the refusal to take tangible measures.

Or the fact that simply playing the game is a Herculean task some days, try finding energy for events, or moving around in Atlas. Hell, even opening atlas requires a divine sacrifice. Why make playing the game such a chore, at least make the platform able to handle to number of people.

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I’m looking at it from a lower league point of view. I was playing before the megacoin was introduced and it definitely impacted how teams function in Gold/Plat. You still provide backup of course, but that’s mostly to get personal points if you end up in a league with spender teams. Not saying the megacoin is the only thing affecting teamwork but it definitely ruined the strategic aspect of the game from a team front.

But they fixed this when they introduced team quests.


I really don’t like the pressure of offering backup to some lower level using a mega coin. I know they get something even if I die but still, it takes the fun out of it.

Yeah I tend to discourage it unless it’s a complete emergency lol. They’ll get more points using the energy and inner fires seperately so if they have the time that’s better. Megas are rubbish :wink:


Add the problem by many (including me) on the rarity of healing pots drops from monuments and even on chests. You are force to just help your self first.

Panda… I enjoy your posts mostly because you seem to “get it” and understand the forces at play behind the game. Your anguish is clear. I don’t exactly undestand why you are still playing and posting regularly.

It is an interesting story - over the past decade the MMO genre has changed from an online expression of wargaming into an entertainment service cleverly devised to monetize its whales. You can win a wargame with skill and teamwork and determination… and yes, a modest level of spending. However, there is no way to win an entertainment service like WD.

Cheating has been part of this game (and all others like it) since the beginning. The technology and effort needed to run a truly secure and honest client-server type mobile game may exist, but the requisite demands on the game experience and the cost to PG make it impractical to implement. I am not an expert in this area, but I have talked to black-hearted hackers and developers who are experts, and they have convinced me that cheating is impossible to control in a practical manner at the end stage of a game like WD. I think the PG staff are earnest and even noble in spirit, but they surely know that any anti-cheating effort will be chiefly a PR exercise of mostly empty ban threats. You can see it between the lines in the recent company statements. Watch and see.

It’s a reoccurring pattern… when a game is young and competitive costs are modest, the benefit of cheating is not worth the effort or risk. As the game matures and the players are aggressively monetized, the player cost to remain competitive becomes greater and greater, and finally prohibitive. The hacker community and its knowledge base also matures. At some point, the benefits of ever more sophisticated cheating schemes far outweigh the risk, since at that point, a competive game can only be played honestly by whales anyway . It’s an ironic endpoint… mega whales and devious hackers.


I guess on some level you always hope that the game your playing will be the one to change things. Remember when games like Starcraft, that game that sets its own tone and doesn’t implode like the others.

I suppose in some ways it’s like the titanic and it starts to sink you try to help a few get off and recover a bit.

This particular game will likely become either so monetized people quit completely or the hacking gets so bad something major breaks if I had to guess at its current pace. At some point they’re going to have to address it…or it will force their hand. And then the finance people will be upset that profits are down and likely have nobody to blame but themselves. Although if they’re anyhting like the others they already have a replacement in the pipeline and depending on the PR fallout they’ll either release under pocket gems or they’ll transfer the assets to a new company and release it as a “new entity”.

In a way I sort of feel bad for the people who really are trying to honestly play (that number gets smaller each day) and are basically just being taken advantage of. I guess if you’re going to do something you might as well see it through.


Panda gets it. This post hits the root of the issues with this game. Unfortunately it looks like the current trend won’t be reversed.

This ^
You can never stop hacking if enough motivation to hack exists. That doesnt mean do nothing…but as long as there’s benefit to be gained, hackers will continue exploiting. The only solution is to make the risk so great that no one wants a hacker on their team. It has to be extreme or the benefits will outweigh the risks. If it’s a great enough risk teams will mostly police themselves.


I have said this before, PG is milking the shit out of this game and they will drive it to ruins eventually, only then would they consider making any major changes.

The way this game is design is essentially a ticking time bomb, at some point the gap between major spenders and normal players will become so big that they higher lvl players will find the game boring. It takes a second for a lvl 400 to quit the game, but it takes years for a new player to get there and if you plan to get it on a free2play you’d probably die before you make it.

Or just play the games that are already at the top of the list xd

Been there, done that.

Aww Panda, I can’t find the right words. Your threads have been uncharacteristically poignant lately, makes me wonder if you are planning on quitting. If you are, I do wish you the best … and will miss your trollish ways. :tulip:

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