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I have an Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S8. Anyway, I recently reset my phone to wipe it clean. I reinstalled War Dragons and it installed perfectly fine. Then I added my email and password to upload my saved status and now the screen lags on “Loading your base”. It’s been like this for over an hour. I’ve reinstalled, wiped cache, etc and it still does it.

Any ideas?


:thinking: It’s a bit odd, because someone else is reporting the same issue on iOS. You’ll also want to put in a ticket and add the number here.

@PGEggToken @PGJared

Cool, will do!


Im having same issue lg k20 submitted ticket already.

Sorry about this folks! The team has been aware of this and currently looking into it. As soon as there’s an update, we’ll let you know. I’m going to close this thread. For updates, please refer to this one.

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