Tectonic Tomb : Failed

Does anybody know why Tectonic Tomb sometimes fails? It’s the only skill I’ve seen which can fail (often with some fatal results for Stormheim). Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is it random?

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I found it failed if i placed it to quick after selecting the spell. If you hesitate before touching the spot you want to hit should help it work more often.

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Thanks! That makes sense as I always rush to place it, especially if I’ve been tanking damage while killing the red mage. It’s always the initial cast which fails, as I don’t recall seeing it fail when it’s already active. Maybe because there’s no panic rush since the protection is already up.

Would that count as a bug, or is it how it’s supposed to work?

not sure it’s the cause but worth mentioning spells like that will not fire at all if you shoot them in the turn you have to wait till pretty close to the end of the turn for them to take effect

Not sure if it is a bug just became habit for me does not take much of a hesitation for it to hit.

I rarely get to fire it on the turn because I usually need to take out the red mage tower first. I use this mainly on Temple Raids for the Emerald tier, and the problem usually lies at the end of Island 7. Occasionally Island 6 fails as well (but only if 7 did), by which point Stormheim probably won’t make it to Island 5 (certainly not with enough juice to warrior-breath down a red mage tower).

It actually fires - the rage is deducted, the little meteor gently floats ever so slowly to the target, it blows up everything, but I get the “Tectonic Tomb: Failed” message, meaning that I don’t get the shield of floating rocks. The AoE effect of the spell always works fine.

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hmm i’ve seen bugs like that most notably with noctarn’s snow drift spell but i never saw a failed message :thinking: i would say send in a ticket but i wouldn’t hold my breath on it being fixed

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I typically use the blue spell on island 7, only kill the mages and when the blue explodes then use tectonic on the slivers of health on the three remaining towers, seems to fail less this way. You can’t use breath damage on any of the towers with a sliver of health or tectonic fails.

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I also get that feeling that it fails less when the towers are not at full health, so I normally spray all the towers with breath damage, kill the red mage when it comes in range (since it’s at the far left), then use the spell when the red mage is down. I don’t use any of the blue spells because I have barely enough rage to TT each island (because it’s a very effective way to clear the island, and keeps the shield up, especially crucial if the cannon tower on Island 4 gets that supershot off).

Something similar to this happens with southern lights or southern cross or whatever sometimes.

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