Tell Me How to Be An Awesome Teammate

This thread is for my benefit and for the benefit of other new players. I’ll link to it in the New Player Pub so they can glance and see community suggestions.

Other than being active and participating in events and wars, what do you all look for in a team mate?


A good teammate is someone who is a team player, and is always willing to take a specific action for the sake of the team.

A good teammate is someone who is not only thinking of themselves when making game-based decisions, but also of how their game-based decisions could affect their team or teammates.

A good teammate is someone who doesn’t sit on the team just to reap the rewards. They work to reach the minimums that have been set by leadership (leader and officers), or get as remotely close as they possibly can.

A good teammate is someone who is willing to help other players in their team out whenever they can, if they can, whenever it is needed.

A good teammate is someone who does not start stuff with other teams that could potentially get their team into serious trouble or conflict. This especially applies to Atlas teams.


Well, I’m a bad teammate then


What I find that makes someone a good player, is letting your officer/leader know if you’re going to miss a quest/war. Give them a heads up if you know you cannot make it online.
Always aim for the 5 quests and going beyond the min points is nice if you can make it. NEVER start constant drama in League Chat or Team Chat. Be supportive of members by joining attacks and offering help to lower levels. Popping into Team Chat to say hi is nice-some teams like active chats while others don’t so it really depends.


I would also add one thing. A good teammate knows when they are approaching burn out, and when others are getting there too and will encourage themselves and others to be healthy and balance things right.

There is a lot of expectation of people sacrificing constantly and it’s not healthy. A truly good teammate will encourage a balance


Defense! I’m not specifically looking for it but great teammates are always ready to spend time in defense. You get very little individual rewards for it but it’s a key part of the game which is very helpful for the team imho


Base on my knowledge, a good teammate is the one:

  • Act more than talk : If you want to help people, don’t just guide them through talking, instead, do some example for them to help them understand better
  • Be active: turn up for team 's big goals in pvp events when team leadership ask , either for attacking or defending
  • Assist your teammates and allies with Atlas actions: Join in whenever your teammates need assistance , defend whenever atlas banners pop up
  • Teamplay: bad teammate slacks from their team, good teammate helps the team to advance. Therefore set up your personal goal for a season, based on your abilities and try your best to achieve
  • Acquire all team 's minimums : These minimum was set to keep a team on track and advance further, therefore they must be fulfilled at any cost
  • Turn your notification ON: If you want to help your team, you must be notified whenever your team needs help, your chat notification must be ON
  • Be friendly , keep your team chat busy : communication is the backbone of teamplay, people tighten their relationships better through talking and obtain better results
  • Don’t be a drama queen / king : the number of teams collapsed because of internal dramas is far beyond those who collapsed through external aspects. Internal conflicts are even more dangerous than the toughest enemy.
  • Finally, be a valuable player to your team and your alliance

There is more than one definition of a good teammate.
Any play style is fine as long as it doesn’t violate TOS.

Some people want to play for hours a day, others who log in only a few times a day. Both are eligible to enjoy this game.

It is important to choose a team that suits your play style and activity.
That way, you can be a good teammate without burning out or feeling stressed.


Don’t unsand sanded towers when backing!:joy_cat:

I know sand is not the only disabling spell but the premise remains the same: don’t haphazardly re-enable towers that I’ve been disabled during a run. Apart from effortlessly undoing all that careful planning and skill put into the first dragon’s run, it can mean the run ultimately fails rather than being a relative breeze.


Good summary Jalen!

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Tbh, you already know the answer as the question is pretty much the exact same of what more should you do for others to think of you as an awesome person to work with in your office other than just doing your job.

To me, it is all about how much time and effort you sacrifice for the good of the whole group, which is already very hard as we are mostly individualistic and even harder as this is just a game.

Whenever I hit the studio I could just as easily play all instruments producing solo tracks but I love the magic that comes playing with others. I’d definitely say first and foremost be yourself. Too many Team Leaders find themselves carrying the load of fifty persons. Ask to join others in Team Chat rather than simply hitting the Automatic Invite. Honor and Respect Team Officers… most are so busy managing their teams rarely getting time to enjoy playing. If unsure ask… especially if you’re sure ask! And last but not least Mentor others especially anyone who asks how to be an awesome teammate! All the best… GlibCrest :sunglasses:

Be a good person.


So im a terrible teammate then
Im told that i am mean, insensitive, greedy , petty…


If you been told all that, then yeah you probably one of the worse team members to have :grimacing::joy:

By my family obviously not by teammates
But again they cause me to end up taking a ton of antidepressants

Ouch :flushed: Well, least their honest, guess, lol :woman_shrugging:

Only thing I learned is I have both qualities of a good and a bad teammate.
Mainly bad buttttt

A good teammate gives polite death threats whenever quests need to be done…

Others before self.

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