Telment Reskin & reskins in general

Would some kind person mind posting up the Telment reskin from the limited time branch.

@PGDragonPunch can we have the reskins in a blog post/forum post in the future please so we can all see what they look like rather than have to buy them first?



PGCarlos is gone so there’s no point in tagging him. Tag DragonPunch or PGJared for the time being


You can all check the available skins ingame
-Open event tab
-Scroll to desired dragon
-On this menu, click on the spells of the dragon
(So if i want to see telment, scroll to his season tab, do not open the tab! But click on the spells)

This opens the preview menu
Click on the left bottom “skins”
Scroll to your desired skin to watch, and click swap

Those arent how the skins look though. The preview is always much darker and the colors are off

This is closer to how they look


Well, I was going to snag screenshots from when they showed them in the first live stream of the season but it appears that a lot of the uploaded streams are now missing from their twitch account

I grabbed some ss from that stream where they flew them with their leaderboard skins. This also shows the difference in apparance between the preview look and the actual look. I dont get why they make the preview ones so much darker


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