Telment’s attacks seem so slow

I don’t know if it’s just me, but my mythic Telment seems to shoot so slow compared to other sorcerers. I even have the exotic glove with 20% attack speed on it. Anyone else think this? Or are my expectations just too high?


I have the glove too and yeah his breath seems super slow and weak. Sorcerers need a massive increase to their breath speed. 20% does absolutely nothing. It’s really ridiculous that with the 3 exotic gloves, there is such a difference between what the hunter gloves do and what the sorcerer and warrior gloves do (aka nothing).

Honestly though I dont think I’ve ever really paid attention to the breath speed on other sorcerers because it just doesn’t do anything. I think the only reason I notice it with Tel is because there’s much waiting around with him while spells are on cd


I also have gloves and it feels slow for me as well. I don’t really like flying it tbh. Should of just kept the keys for chest cash ins

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That’s what I’ll do with the asc tokens. I was originally planning to get both of his exotics but no longer want either of them. He’ll be ok for clean up but he’s just too slow. This certainly wouldnt be a dragon Id have been sad to have missed out on. With how his 1-shots work he wont be of use for long


The gloves do nothing
Hint barbends are dieing left and right now too :star_struck::rofl:

I have the gloves and ring for Avernic and agreed his attack speed is still slow. Sorcerers need better speed and range for the base attack. .

I agree. I am lukewarm about Telment, largely bc he is so slow.

PG should consider faster breath for sorcs. Corallae had it, and made him more fun.

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Trust me when u see Krygant past nerf even telment looks amazing :rofl:


Don’t get cocky even the best can outdo that.

On a further related note I don’t have Telment but maybe it has something to do with the content update.

Krygant has been made obsolete immedietly. Telement was always obsolete because atlas is based on speed and Barb is still flyable as they did not fix tap app.

That’s odd, I thought the Barbend nerf did nothing and that they should have nerfed him more lol


I’m super disappointed with tellmet, and without at least a spell upgrade, do it see the point of ascending to mythic with its spell profile. I hope they improve next seasons dragons.

I have Legendary Telment and even now he seems limited in range and speed.

It may have done nothing for you, but the dragon is far more defensible, at least for the moment. Whether that holds true as people adjust to the changes remains to be seen, but I’m firmly of the opinion that flyers of your caliber should not be the benchmark for what “nerfed enough” looks like. :laughing:

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Just trolling, don’t mind me lol. I’m liking the Barb nerf, takes considerably more effort for people to fly defended now


I have my telemet with both exotic runs maxed, he shows my strongest dragon in my line, but can’t beat JL’s base which both my krygant, barb and event my reyze can still do.
The spells don’t hit hard enough, don’t freeze, cool downs are too long, the wide area spell with the 300x 8n the middle won’t trigger if you don’t hit that on a tower it should hit where you want, not in a tower. I have talked to a lot of other end gamers and all 3 of the mythic this time suck.
They nerfed krygant and the sheeting is now 1/2 the speed it was. It’s horrible. I used to be able to take bases defended , now he can’t They’ve ruined a decent dragon because a few whined.

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Telemet seems kinda trash on undefended bases.

I agree that spell hitbox often wont let me release the spell or I drop the spell and it does zero damage to any towers. This happens on islands 3 and 6 way too often.

He is too clunky, dull and slow. He is showing as my highest dp dragon but hes the worst guy on my line up lol.

I moved gear off Aerrow but Aerrow is actually way better than this guy.

He kinda seems like a revision of Kinnarus from a year or so ago, but a kinda weak trashy version that feeds out of a dumpster because he is too slow and can’t catch food thats alive and actually running around.

I actually dont like Sorcs much but I liked Kin. I really don’t see myself using Tel for anything other than fast revive atlas gold runs.

As soon as his fast heal is gone next season he will be off my roster.

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