Temple Guardians Server & Web Page Busy


Can’t get the Battle Temple Guardians to remain loaded long enough to choose next tier before it give so the server issue or Web page busy.


Try forcing the game closed and trying again.

This happens to me periodically where when facing the guardians it will give me web page busy and reload and nothing works except to exit. Forcing closed and restarting always fixed it for me. Your mileage may vary


Same here. They seem to be too stupid to fix this bug, since I have it like 6 months already. Seems they are too busy destroying this game


Apple or Android?


I have the same problem, except if I keep trying it’ll be loaded long enough to pick a target




I do close the app and try again MANY times. That’s how I was able to get 6/12 completed. The temple guardians are just the best part of the event and it’s extremely frustrating.


I’m having this problem on my alt who lives on an older iOS device. I assume he just doesn’t get to play this event.


Pocket gems: this event I can play first part but when temple is unlocked I cannot go in case the open button is blocked or it dose not work on Motorola Moto z Droid phone. Admin or game master needs to look at this complaint. @PGJared


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