Temple raid: allow shine guardians to be rehit


Temple raid has to be one of, if not the most, popular pvp currently in rotation. And the appeal largely comes down to the ability to use old tier dragons and also the uber mode on the shrine guardians.

Whilst you can hit temple guards multiple times depending on your team activity level, you can only get one shot at the shrine guardians, thus only experiencing the uber mode once per event.

I would like to request that shrine guardians be open for rehits, for zero points, and utilising zero energy, just for the fun of it.

Thank you.


OMG, I would love this!!


This idea is not just for the birds! I vote yes!


I approve too!

It is such a pity we only get one successful shot at it and then we’re back to grinding points or waiting an hour for energy to refill and do one puny attack…


For everyone in the sky, and everyone underwater :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.

May I add another suggestion?

  1. Currently, only 2 levels of each Boss Towers have stats. Please extend this…
  2. Maybe a mix between different kinds of Boss Towers in one base…


Maybe be able to hit each tier more than once for increasing energy costs? Would be able to keep earning points that way as well.


I’d love this! I had so much fun flying Kinarrus, Necryx, and Somnus! They’re my favorite dragons that I love to fly against the Shrine guardians.

I approve as well


No. This would completely wreck the dynamic of doing the pathways that earn zero team points and everyone would just focus on doing these shrines since they give both team and personal points


I think the main reason of the suggestion is hitting for training / having fun instead of getting points…

Also, each of the bases can only be hit once (if win) at one event, which doesn’t exists every month.


Maybe do something like the gustav island in that it appears after every 12 hours or so (so shrine guardians will be available to be attacked again after a certain number of hours have passed)


Which part of no points should be allowed for shrine rehits don’t you understand?


All of it, apparently :rofl:


I would like to try different approaching method after amaroking every of these bases for point


Well that’s mean of you


Perhaps, but I honestly don’t understand how they fail to understand:

It really isn’t that complicated :woman_shrugging:


Exactly, which is why I’m asking for this.


I think it would be a good thing, providing, the team had to go through all 5 islands each time before being able to have the Shrine reset for attacks. i.e., after shrine attack finished, it clouds over again.


Why do that if the proposal is for rehits to garner zero points? It’s just a fun factor for those that have managed to finish it.


I disagree with the OP’s proposal for zero points. If the team puts forth the effort and rss there should be points awarded.


Sure you’re welcome to your opinion. Mine doesn’t change :man_shrugging: