Temple raid and .....................................? event of the week 23/10-28/10

They have been giving hints for a new exciting things, probably adding empyrean and abyssal guardians ? we can only assume , very curious tho , those hints kill me

@PoseidonPQ thanks again for the poster


I played that video really slow, what’s in the box that he flys through and opens?

that is the zeppelin balloon


They’re too different.

Maybe they’re extra desctuctible components in atlas for additional drops.

lol u got me here

New Theme @Eff


They are removing egg and timer missions (destroyed the balloon). People complained too much about the very low timer amounts so they are taking their football shaped balloon and going home.


Is that the ship from The Golden Compass? If so then Lucian is doing everyone a favor by shooting it down

Im happy with this event, it’s my favorite pvp and the one actual fun one. I just wish they’d make it so that an officer had to approve moving into the temple and some higher tier guardians and new portraits would be nice


Well I don’t care for Temple raid all that much, however, I know a numerous amount of players that don’t even wanna participate unless there are new avatars and better advances…personally I like the timers.

I would support some Temple updates for sure.

New portraits and creating “bonus” levels beyond Harbinger that are not required for the portrait but simply give extra points.

On the surface that doesn’t sound like it would take a LOT of time.


Would be nice, but I don’t know how you overcome the problem of the 5 separate race tracks diluting the competition - I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually seen a close race to earn the supercharge bonus. It is the least PvP of all the PvPs, even more so than Gauntlet, which although PVE heavy with the chains, has a genuine PvP challenge every 3 hours. This one is a hamster wheel event - round and round we go. Doesn’t matter which team you hit, just hit somebody, and then PVE a bit, etc. And then someone triggers the temple guardians while everyone else is offline … without a doubt my least favorite event. Though it does make for a relaxing weekend.

Yeah man. I’m 100% OK with easy PvPs. Really. Pop in, do some stuff, move on with life. Temple would be rock bottom on my complaint list and my list is looooong. :slight_smile:

LOL I’ve seen it. My perspective is different though, I don’t care for Atlas, and have two accounts on non-Atlas teams. PvPs are what make the game fun, or at least, used to - they’ve been going downhill in terms of fun/engagement.

But what about adding the bonus rounds above harbinger or not enough folks up that high?

Heck, couldn’t they borrow stuff from Assault and mix that into Temple guardians? Some of those levels were NOT easy. That might keep folks busy and extra points is not a bad thing. Actually, I’m REALLY liking this idea now. If Assault won’t come back as a stand alone event, they should fold a big chunk of it into Temple so the content doesn’t go unused. @Arelyna


Yes, the assault format is more interesting. But to handle the disparity between Atlas/non-Atlas, riders/gear should not be allowed. Edit: nor seasonal divines. Make it all about lineage.

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Maybe we are getting off topic because Assault isn’t Temple, but if they were to borrow some of the levels and such I would think it should be two stage. A well flow linage dragon with resist or whatever equitable spell and then 2nd tier bonus with riders, gear, spell, and maybe even a player backup or 70% completed rate. I have no problems with folks spending rubies to move gear and riders around in the right context and getting more bonus points.

I’d run off and make a suggestion post but nobody important ever reads them.

Alot of the bases in assault were to strong for lineage dragons since most tiers suck in my opinion

Too strong for average flyers at least… And they were supposed to be hard, not the blindfolded cakewalk bases that most other events use.

Yes, the bases would need to be scaled appropriately.

They were perfectly possible with experted lineage dragons with careful planning and analysis. But no they couldn’t be smashed through with no thought or planning