Temple raid arcanum guardians

Can we get a new level of guardians maybe arcanum for 1000? I looked on the forum and couldn’t find anyone else talking about this . Is it feasible?

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That sounds like more free points doesnt it? The economy department doesnt like that.

But on a more serious note: maybe for higher leagues that would be a decent idea to compensate for the higher effort

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While it’s a nice suggestion, that should purely depend on the active player base.
If a huge amount of players doesn’t have any dragons above harbingers it would be pretty uncool to lock them out of getting the nice event portraits for example, adding more tiers to the event would just make it harder for new players.

Addind the raid function for guards had already been a very nice improvement to the event imo

Raid function says they do listen to free point requests tho

We dont want too much free stuff, as a wise man once said free things make players leave

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It never stopped them before. I missed out the Aonar the Blighted portrait during the first Dungeons event because I wasnt high enough level to hit the lv 20 dungeon. It sucked but the world kept on spinning. Not sure how adding higher tier bases impacts newer players at all though.

I think it’s very unlikely they’ll add more tiers though without increasing the cost of personal prizes. Higher tiers for higher leagues would be nice though.

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The guard rewards don’t affect the total score a bit tbh. If a player who usually hits the 199k or whatever mark doesn’t hit the guards he still gets his milestones one way or another. And free players can easily get good rewards even without a higher pt guard.

Also you just pointed out that “it sucked” while you’re literally asking for it to “suck” for a huge amount of people, only for a very small and negligible amount of points.
Go into the corner and feel bad about it

Wait you’re not OP.
My bad.
Don’t go into the corner then

The raid function took what were (from their perspective) free points and allowed players to expend consumables for them. Certainly it was a win-win, players get a nice option and PG gets a way to siphon resources out of accounts, and I think it was a great improvement, but it is the exact opposite of making points free…

It’s 12 tiers, 2 energy per tier,so 24 energy for a complete load of freebies, 16 free energy to store with energy refilling every 15 minutes with guards being up for 3 hours, that’s literally free points

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Please no. Despite getting the Raid Feature, I do not want any further increase than what we already have. Its length is taxing enough as is.

The very first run-through might seem fun, but remember, you have do that for all 5 islands 1 full time before unlocking Raid for each of the subsequent islands.

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Fair, I didn’t really consider that energy is also free. That said, the points didn’t cost anything (but time) before the change, so they were still, literally, free.

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Never heard the saying “time is money”?

Although PG doesn’t make money from your time, your time is a still a cost to you so anything that requires time to complete isn’t free.

It’s the premise of most paid to play games and war dragons is no different, you save your own time but purchasing to advance.

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Time playing a game should be rewarding in some way (maybe not exactly enjoyable, but it same way satisfying) otherwise what is the point? Granted, most games have pieces that are more rewarding and pieces that are more of a slog, and which is different player to player. But this is getting way off topic. My point was that before the raid feature you literally could not expend any resources that PG possibly could sell you on the Temple Guardians, but the raid feature opened up the possibility that you could.

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