Temple Raid charts

Needing charts on Temple Raid

What charts?

Like best dragons to use somekind of layout somethink have quite of few people asking about it because there stuck

oh, the center island?

Amarok and Durga takes all orange, the tough one with the ice turrets needs a third dragon to lead. That is the only one I couldn’t do 100%, but 70% is enough to pass, so no stress.
I am only Emerald, so can’t advise on Harbinger

Edit: resistance add-ons are needed, and the 30% boosts, too.

My teammate put a rider on Amarok and it worked for him.

I don’t recall seeing a chart. Lutrus has offered many advice. Maybe look through his posts?

Here is one post. Use temple raid and hit advanced search posted by lutrus

Edit:. Or just look below at list @mechengg just posted. :joy::rofl:


This is a list i just made up. I use the dragons in each tier in this order (and usually solo).
These dragons at Expert should solo the guardians with very very little problems and without super flying skills

Tier Dragon Recommendation
Red Kinnara, Hantu
Purple Arborious, Borg, Dactyl
Blue Kelsis, Drude, Etzel
Orange Amarok, Durga
Green Danzig, Ettin, Urd
Gold Whalegnawer, Consurgens
Platinum Kaiju, Quetz, Rizar
Sapphire Apophet, Hauheset, Gorgonus
Garnet Gloomclaw, Frostbiter
Emerald Stormheim, Ferga, Deci
Obsidian Noctua
Harbinger Divines


Tier Dragon Recommendation Note
Orange Amarok, Durga, Enki Summon Warrior Helps on all, Reverse Projectile on Fire Turrets
Harbinger Divines, or Estril, Lokan, whoever you have Very Hard without divines

I would actually suggest Noss on the centre island for all guardians. Unlocking Cloak and Lockdown is good enough; you just need to kill mages on Island 6 and lock down some extra. Follow with Amarok, then clean with Enki :wink:

You should scrape by with a pretty generous margin.

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Well Amarok with summon solo’s it for me so it would still be my first choice :slight_smile:


Yeah, Axi solos mine, but my little level 50 alt had to make do last TR :rofl:

Would suggest Reverse Projectiles for the projectile heavy bases, btw. Noss + Enki should do it for the one with the Fire turrets.

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For orange Shrine Guardians, Lead with Enki to kill the mages, follow with Amarok + Reverse Projectiles. Only one that should give your trouble are the ice turrets from the ice island but he should still make it through


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