Temple Raid Difficulty

I have never understood why the middle island is so difficult to get through. The Harbinger bases, especially the first one (edit: *second one*), is extremely difficult to get through. Why does it have to be so difficult? What is the purpose?

The first (edit: *second*) base, in particular, has ice turrets with unusually high HP, and they’re all grouped together. If you don’t have the right dragon in that tier, Harbinger, getting through those islands will be a hassle.

I think you mean the 2nd one. The first one is the earth temple with ballistas

I think the idea is that they’re kind of supposed to be like the end boss in the secret temple, unlocked only by defeating all the others. So the difficulty is tougher than the others.

Plus you’re playing for the portrait.
The ice base is tough but doable even without good gear


I just died 1 time with amarok on the 3rd boss and was able to finish with durga******** :joy: . Absolutely 0 gear which I’m guessing you also have.
Edit: accidentally typed a different word instead of Durga :joy:


It is not always clearly advertised but each of the five bases contain “boss” towers that have been designed to be more difficult than the standard variety. The ice one is particularly hard because it augments the ice turrets already large health comparative to the original lumbar only towers. The same for attack power is present for the fire turret level but evading those shots is easy enough. Archers were the highest dps nonelemental tower so with an increased range, fire rate and damage they become quite formidable, also.


Basically all the bases accept the first two can be beaten by adding a reverse projectiles and killing the red mage. The ballista base just needs a ballista resist. The ice turret base is tough because there isnt really an addon spell that deals with it so it requires more strategy and work


Just stick a rider on and auto fly it


I found them all super easy with Talariok for harb no runes or rider needed either :eyes:

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I used Nebulon, on rider, no runes, no issues. But the ice can be tough for someone without a decent harb seasonal. Normally I use Gunnar but I may keep Neb at Harb just because he’s more fun on those bases

I kept kellucid at harb specifically for this. Works a charm no rider or anything. His syphon kills the ice turrets which seem to have a really high amount of hp :rofl:


I remember the very first time I ever tried the Harb guardians I didnt have any harb seasonals yet and the best options I had were unmaxed Estril and Opes… it did not go well :sweat_smile:


I meant Durga :rofl::rofl::rofl:




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