Temple Raid, does it have a bug?

So in the rules for Temple Raid, it says that “teams you attack will aslo lose island progress” but has anyone confirmed that this works for megas? I have in fact seen our team go from like 18% down to 17% so maybe a super attack, but never down ~5% by a mega. Even both teams being on the same leg like the 0-25% portion, and done a mega and didn’t notice the other team moved back at all

This is just from experience, I don’t know what the actual numbers are, but it seems you set teams back by about half as many points as you earn from an attack. If you went back 2.5% and some teammates finished a run that could make it look like just 1%. Again, I don’t know for sure so maybe someone else can explain this better.

I’ve been trying to test this out with a friend to hit us, I believe his mega on us set our team back 25% ish of the points he got for the mega. The super set us back maybe 30% of the points. Is this accurate @PGGalileo ?

I feel like it should be pushing teams back at least 50% so it’s more of a race. Idk this seems like it doesn’t do anything

It definitely does not do as much as it says it should

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I’m pretty sure the team you hit only loses the base points for your attack, not anywhere near the points you gain.
Wouldn’t call that a bug though, would be impossible to progress if several teams are hitting you if the loss was 100%, would make the event horrible for teams with an easier top base.


It just seemed like my team, A, was hammering team B and it seemed to have little to no effect on them. Also had team C hitting team B and didn’t notice any change. Maybe there are too many check points? Having 25/50/75/100% stopping points might be too easy. Or maybe make it around 50% loss in points to the receiving team of the attack? Not sure but it seems like there’s not much of a difference in hitting a team you are racing against vs the easy top base on another team just to be faster