Temple Raid Exploit- Please fix this PG

It takes balls to be a cheater? And here I thought they were just sad and pathetic needing to cheat to win.

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no they are delaying the hits probably on phone call and are not finishing till group b is done with guards which then finish their attacks and advances further without having to even start a attack after the guards are finished and its a line call they would be using

Did I forget the /sarcasm? I thought it was obvious…… here, have some tea……

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I didn’t read sarcasm either all I heard was Kermit was sipping his tea.

Some people take this game way too seriously


I just wanted to say thanks all for bringing this to our attention. I’ll be fwding the details of this exploit to our team for their investigation. If you have any additional info that you’d like to pass along, please don’t hesitate to DM me. We hope to address this before we run our next Temple Raid event.


So glad this will be fixed, just like Inner Fires giving dragons that took 0 damage during an event run having no heal time got fixed…

And that’s sarcasm folks, try searching for the umpteen threads where I’ve complained, YEARS ago, about it……

It’s always been around, it’s all about timing and though and having enough players and coordination, but again teams are still using the rigged base cheat as well, I saw in diamond 2, teams up to the second checkpoint after I finished one base hit, so of my base hit is like 1 minute to 2 minutes would mean they cleared a base then the guard and then another base before I even cleared one base which is impossible unless they have people with stripped bases

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I hope, you don’t justify using one exploit, because another one exists?

What I would like to see from PG side, is to temporarily ban a team from a PvP event, if players use this glitch extensively. And by banning the team, I mean: all players aren’t eligible to earn personal points and team points obviously. Plus the team gets ranked last last losing ranking points as well.


I had this question aswell, I think morrien or orca responded to me. Either way it turns out it was a rounding error on some dragons. If you level up the dragon or add or take away the 30% hp it could/ should fix the issue



Beside this glitch which was solved after a old update and came back after other ones, i wanted to adress you something more.

I highly doubt that many high teams hadnt have use of it, even if they deny it now. In very active leagues this happened alot, if people be honest or not.
What i wanted to say is the 2nd issue i see in this event. Because many big teams win very quick aswell, but deny it here , like they are angles. I just smile seeing how they won so many times in past faster.

The 2nd issue which i wanted adress is, the “ordered bases”. I mean not storing towers , which was forbidden. I mean that in case those teams here dont lie, because they was jealous, then there is no other way to be as fast as with the overjump or even faster.
If a person have a short base where 1 tower is at front of last part, or perch 3… and that person upgrade it . Than the base will be shorten in no time. The excuse like " that person wouldnt do forbidden things, just upgrade the base".
I guess this is a loophole so called “fair” teams have to use instead. Even if i still believe this was used by all competitive ones. Because stratgic people are everywhere, and noone fly a full max base if they try to be fast normally.

Can you check if a team is attacking a certain base ( i dont mean a bad base from the start), i mean one which is manipulated through upgrade for a team to have a hand.

As @RetiredDwarf is so on fire in this matter. I just wanted say it very clear. Dreadnought beat many teams in there most active time “even faster”. And not only them. Here are alot of big teams , who did it in past too… Like when we was at 3rd way, and they just on 2nd… and still won a island.
I see they all are so jealous , not because they cant admit there performance is bad, no, they cant see a team coming up to have opened 3rd most temples here. In this temple raid the best teams only opened arround 60-70% of temples.
Reasons are they lost there good players, or are just not into it.

I don’t doubt this occurs - Ive seen it before in S1-3 and D2, but I have never seen this in D1. Perhaps you have some examples?

This event in particular, there were a lot of bad bases. I don’t know why - perhaps people just didn’t bother moving their bases.

Also, FYI, max bases are “short” for pvp purposes. No max base owner keeps his/her max base up for PVP - that would be dumb. They move it back so that 70% is on 2.


I dont know if you stayed in D1 for long. But the speed of D1 is above all other leagues.
D2 cant compare there.

As i said, because Ex Dread player was so on fire in this matter, that they beat the times even faster than the teams they want blame. And not only that, other big teams in D1 did it too.
When we played it as some D1 teams said very fair down… 1 team beat us 1 road back and came ahead. When we as a 1 timezone team was prepared and had many more on than other teams, just italian teams was able to rival it in that time!

Those people lie here , because all tactics, from short bases of a weak opponent, to quick end the mega , and many more strategies and tactics, are used by all others aswell… And they still did it alot.

I believe beside this glitch , some big team has to have a advanced short base, as i told @DragonPunch, which had a loophole to not beeing bannable.

Well, I have never seen a team jump - except yours. So :man_shrugging:

Yes some teams are fast - in fact there are a handful of teams that usually are neck in neck if they race one another, including one team that is geographically centric like yours. However, they are all similar speed - if they win they win by seconds, not by 2 path lengths.

Say what you want, but the result is clear - this is the only event your team performs well in, but it isn’t the only racing pvp event. Go figure! :wink:

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You know why Temple Raid our team can perform better ?

I wonder why some people compare Crystal Cave with Temple Raid, to say that people have to know not the dynamics of this event.

I explain it, because you missed a lot i guess aswell…

Temple Raid :

  • You have 24 enemys, you can choose which one you want.
  • If you are smart, you look out for the weakest possible team. Mostly a sleeping team , in our case asian teams sleep at the start of the event.

So you dont have to attack any big team. Not The Empire not FieryRiver. You can avoid all of them
And than if you have a very bad base to attack. You can finish before those big Teams finish there runs.
So they cant stop or steal your points , you reach the guards there. And you can be victorious even if your Teampower is low.

Crystal Cave:
a 1 vs. 1 event :
You have no chance if you are weaker and cant use so much ressources.
Its a pay 2 win event.

You have to face unlike TR, big teams directly.

Team Gauntlet is a different example…
If you play high, you play vs Big Fishes, and mostly loose. And fall down.
There its similar to CC.

So i hope you realize why Temple Raid is for smaller teams a opportunity to win ahead.

I‘m always on fire, if it comes to topics like cheating and exploiting the game.

I already told you in private, that Dreadnought never used farm bases, the jump glitch or any other exploit to win a race during TR. I‘m not sure, if you were in D1, when infamous OdinsWaechter established Farm bases in cooperation with LD, since they were so pissed, because they had a stupidly badly setup base, that we hit during all Supercharged races. As soon as we figured out, that we would need to use a farm base to compete, we decided to not compete at all during the TR coming. Dreadnought has a history of doing things differently. And since you‘ve never been a part of it, you have to take my word for all of this. We refused to exploit the game on multiple occasions. TR jump glitch was one of those.

I will put it in the most simple words for you, so you can finally understand my point: Dreadnought just was the best team. End of story.


If you think top teams just randomly hit or try to “pull” opponents back, you just showed your ignorance of how this event needs to be played. Which is not surprising since you just rely on the exploit anyway.

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There i agree , because i guess i know them since they are arround, and had alot of help thanks to them. Have been never disrespected .

No matter what, if they beat the times of teams you and others blame, it looks very odd to me.
They even beat the more advanced teams than us in there prime time.
And if you say " this team AI " used glitch, than you admit that if you beat even that, there was something very unusual. Because these teams knows strategie at best too.

However,… i speak it honestly out… this glitch was arround and all very active teams used it unknowingly or knowingly. The events we all played , and races showed it.
If we had to film it that days… there couldnt be anyone denying it here.

Stop trying to be funny. You asked , why only Temple Raid so good. I told you , dont i ?

Temple raid is the only PvP event, you are not forced to face big teams.
Is that too hard to understand ?

Really , be honest to this.

We never have beaten a team in a TR race, if they used farm bases or the jump glitch. I know, leadership had a talk with a European team back in the days about them obviously using the jump exploit during their high attendance hours. They didn’t jump again during that event.

Edit: we still won one total event during those times by opening a bunch of extra temples and clearing guardians at a very high percentage to gain team points, but you can’t race against exploiting teams. That’s just wasting precious resources