Temple Raid glitch

Not all of my dragons appear as an option for the temple raid event. Example. Krysos doesn’t show up in the roster. I can only find him when I go to the den. When I click him on in the den to activate, it says that the dragon is healing and can’t be activated. But the thing is that he’s not in heal, don’t use him for anything. But now when needed for temple raid, it’s unavailable?And sometimes there’s a ghost tower that can’t be taken down. This was mentioned in an older closed thread. Install and un-install isn’t a solution. Please advise on how to fix.

I used Krysos earlier, so either local issue or effects different people different ways, I’d have to really look to see if I’m missing someone. Perch maybe?

Did you previously use him on a temple raid island? They do something funky when bringing in your dragons into the guardian rosters, so that the dragons are unselectable from the den or normal roster select if you use them on a guardian or shrine and they die/take damage.

After a few hours they are usually re-available

I had an issue like this first time I tried a Harb guardian. I needed to get a rider into Rajin but couldn’t add him to my roster. Fortunately for me, I had died horribly and was able to heal Rajin through the guardian menu and then exit out and add him to my roster to bind Pathox’s rider to him for the temple guardians.

As long as you haven’t actually beaten the guardian section who is preventing you from healing the dragon you need, you can heal your dragon through the attack menu there and then add him into your roster.

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It’s really weird that this is still an issue since they fixed the clone perch dragon glitch yet left this. Apophet is my usual sapphire guardian sweeper and then tried to put him into my roster for the dark island and yep, forgot all about this. It’s fine though since Renard is fine for clean up too but it’s still pretty annoying. Seems like dragons used against Guardians shouldnt have any recovery time

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