Temple Raid - Glitched Armory

Hey oh
The armory is glitched. Don’t show the drops and once the page loads you get stuck there.
Not a big problem but better to fix it :wink:

I think there’s one big glitch affecting Temple Raid.

I’ve had the same issue since the event began. I’d like to open chests, but not if I can’t see what I’ve opened. I have a ticket in. They’re working on it. It seems to only affect Android.

I have the same issue with opening chests this event.
Any chest I open, regardless of type, pops up for a fraction of a second, before disappearing and then the game freezes till I force exit and come back in.
I put a ticket in, and support made me do all sorts of contortions before they gave up on me, saying they passed it to engineering.
I haven’t heard a peep from them since then, I hope this can get fixed soon!

Just use the back button (the android one on the home screen bar not the ingame button) to get out of the armory when it freezes. I am having the same issue on android and I do not have to quit the game. I hit back twice and it takes me back to my base.

How about the fact that the shrine is just glitched in that it has super everything towers…ballistas super powerful, Gatling archer/trebuchet/cannon…super fire turrets…about the only tower not glitched are flaks

Unfortunately the back button doesnt work for me. Force close is the only option right now. :frowning:

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Yes, getting the same issue since Temple Raid began, as described in previous posts.

Claiming any type of chest from armory completely freezes the game. Chest drops don’t show, and it isn’t possible to claim free bronze chests as they also freeze the game. The only way to refresh the game, is by restarting it.

PG support said they know about the issue, and the technical team is investigating, but no fix yet. :roll_eyes:

Glitched? Nope they are meaned to be hard, but still too easy to clean.


I don’t care about the Defensive power or being difficult, however when flaks cause less damage than fire turrets and projectile towers are firing like Gatling guns, there is an issue. (Edit: ok apparently this is weirdly intentional lol) Also, is the center shrine supposed to only be orange and then harbinger? I think not

Also I said nothing about it being hard? Did you just ignore the actual issues I raised or are you just one to assume someone is just complaining because it’s not easy?

Each base has one (or two for dark) Speciality towers. And they’re not flaks.
:eyes: I believe you don’t want to be shot by DF you can’t see

I don’t think I’m following what you’re saying.

You’re saying they intentionally made certain towers far more powerful than the actual towers we can build?

Yep, as challenge
As we can expect from a Boss

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Maybe they should keep the bonuses they give to ballista’s.

And so the center shrine can use all of them randomly? Well randomly as in each level can be different

How about the first half being all orange tier then going straight to harbinger for the rest… is that normal?

Orange = First divine tier
Harb = Last completed tier at the time

Ahh ok, just figured it would have been each tier, like the others. Honestly just figured it was glitched the whole time :man_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:

The shrine is just orange and harbinger. Each group of islands has a SERIOUS tower. One is ice turrets, 1 cannons, 1 ballistas, 1 fire turrets, and one archers. You need to choose resists and boosts to get through them. Reverse projectile is the best for fire turret. But none of that is glitched. It’s designed that way.

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Also the shrine discussion is off topic. This thread is about the glitched armory

just ask for 30k sigils and rubies

This bug is still bugging the bug out of me.