Temple Raid - Guardian Grind

Hi all,

Temple Raid used to be my faviorite pvp events for quite some time, even more so than King of the Hill was. But over time it has become very repetitive and such a big grind. In an event needing to do 25 - 50 sets of guardians per event becomes extremely boring, once you’ve beaten them once you are just flying on auto and pressing the odd spell to get through when you could be fighting real enemies.

I would like to propose a solution that once you have beaten a certain guardian that you can auto win the battle for 2 energy, so for example once you have beaten Fire Islands Red Tier, then next time you unlock Fire Island guardians you can auto resolve that battle for 2 energy.

This would ultimately mean it costs 24 energy to auto resolve all guardians battles in a single set, so it still comes at a price when you don’t have time or are sick of flying the same battles over and over. This would help alleviate a lot of the grind of this event and help make it fun again!

Would love to hear feedback or other solutions to improve this event :slight_smile:

Cheers, Slug.

You can also heart the suggestion here in the 2021 suggestions :slight_smile:


I love this idea. I didn’t even get to do most of the guardians this weekend because I didn’t have the time.


Thanks mate! :beers:

I absolutely agree with this post! Temple Raid used to be my favorite PvP, but the guardian runs are getting highly repetitive. Spending energy instead is a solid alternative.




Can’t agree more!


It is boring and heavy time consuming. My Team allready is at 36 temples now, thats over 9 hours of time wasting boring runs of Guardians. Ones you cleared all tiers, please add a raid button @PGGalileo


I second this

Great idea.

Great idea! Please look at this pg!
Or even have a 24h reset on the raid clock so we’d only have to do one guardians a day.
I’d be happy with that compromise :grin:


Would love not spending 20+ minutes for each set of guardians. The time really adds up for boring attacks :sleeping:. Would love to see this suggestion implemented.


This would be fantastic. I agree with this suggestion whole-heartedly.

Exactly my thoughts this time.

Great idea.

Or after they have been cleared once, remove the progression requirement. Let me hit the high point Tiers ASAP.

Just want to add how much I love this idea, and honestly seems like a win for pg as well as players. Great idea

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Great solution!

Pop this in this thread if you haven’t… We want your thoughts as we look forward to 2021


45 sets of Guardians … I am so tired of hitting the same bases all freaking weekend … but the free points just can’t be passed up on the opening weekend of the season when trying to finish both discount lines.

I’d so vote for this


Awesome idea!

Great Idea I would vote for this.